A Brief Guide to the Passover Seder Plate

A special Seder plate is displayed during the Seder, containing the key elements of Passover. The plate is carefully prepared and placed before the head of the household, or the one conducting the Seder, who dispenses the Seder foods to each of the participants. The following items appear on the Seder plate: A. Three whole…

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All in Good Measure: The Shiurim of Passover

The Passover holiday is a time when we celebrate our rich heritage and affirm our commitment to the continuity of our traditions. The exodus from Egypt was the point in our great history when we were freed from bondage to man, and culminated with our becoming a nation of God with the subsequent acceptance of…

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A Primer

This year, the second days of the Pesach holiday afford us the opportunity to perform the rabbinic procedure of eruv tavshilin on Thursday, April 28, before the start of yom tov. But what exactly is Eruv Tavshilin?

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Are OU-P matzos 18 minute matzos?

Are OU matzos 18 minute matzos? It depends on what you mean. We always make sure that the entire matzah baking process—from adding the water to the flour until the matzos are done baking—takes place in less than 18 minutes. If you are asking if we stop the factory after each 18 minute run to…

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Baby Food on Passover

The custom of disallowing the use of ‘Kitniyot’ (soy or corn, for example) was never applied to both infants or the ill who require kitniyot food. Despite the fact that Kitniyot for infants is permissible, the Mishna Brura states that it is preferable (but not mandatory) to avoid giving infants rice, buckwheat (kasha in Yiddish),…

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Baby Formula

The following baby formula can be assumed to be free of chametz. Many are made from kitniyot ingredients. Kitniyot does not apply to infants. Please take care to prepare baby formula and wash bottles and other utensils in an area outside the kitchen. Please note that these products are only acceptable when bearing the OU or…

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Baby Rice Cereals

There is possible chametz in most baby rice cereals, so the OU cannot recommend them for Passover use. However, there is no problem owning rice and making your own cereal from brown rice or non-enriched white rice over Passover. One should make the cereal using a special non-Pesach, non-chametz pot, and this special pot (and…

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Bedikat Chametz

TIME FRAMES WHEN MUST BEDIKAT CHAMETZ BE PERFORMED? Bedikat chametz must be performed on the eve of the fourteenth of Nissan (April 2, 2015) after nightfall, approximately 40 minutes after sunset. Once nightfall has arrived, one may no longer engage in any form of work until the bedika is performed. WHEN DOES ONE RECITE THE BRACHA? The bracha is recited before the actual bedika process…

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Birkat Ha’Ilanot: Blessing for Blossoming Trees

“Hai man denafik beyomei Nissan vechazi elanei d’ka milbalvi omer…” (Tractate Brachot 43b) If one goes outside during the month of Nissan and sees trees that are blossoming he recites a blessing (Birkat Ha’Ilanot). The bracha is noted in the tractate Brachot and the Code of Jewish Law (O.C. 226). Baruch atah Adonay Elohaynu melech…

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Chametz Sheavar Alav haPesach: The Supermarket Controversy

An exciting aspect of Torah study is the application of the age-old principles of halachah to the modern world in which we live. Thus, as an example, there is obviously no Talmudic discussion about the propriety of walking past a motion detector on Shabbat, yet contemporary posekim (halachic decisors) have analyzed this issue and found…

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