Passover 2023 will be celebrated from April 5 to April 13.
The two Sedorim will be after nightfall on April 5 and April 6.
Current site content applies to 2023

Passover Articles

From East to West: Where Do Sephardic and Ashkenazic Poskim Differ When It Comes to Kashering?

Learn the major differences between Sephardim and Ashkenazim regarding chametz utensils and kashering for Pesach.

The Paradoxes of The Rav

The Rav loved the idea of paradoxes because they convey that reality is not so simple that it can be reduced to one dimension.

Observing the Passover Holiday

This guide provides a clear, easy-to-read overview of the mitzvot, customs and terms related to Pesach.

But Who’s Counting? A Guide to Sefirat HaOmer

Every year we count the days from Pesach to Shavuot. This mitzvah is known as Sefirat HaOmer, the counting of the Omer.

OU Kosher Hosts Conference to Show Appreciation for Mashgichim in Israel

One hundred and twenty attendees were addressed by OU leadership and prominent Rabbis.

Not Home During Pesach? Not a Problem

Staying in an Airbnb, college dorm or hospital during Pesach? Get answers to frequently-asked halachic questions.

Own a Pet? Make Sure It Doesn’t Go Hungry This Pesach

Can your pet eat chametz on Pesach? What pet-food ingredients are chametz? Rabbi Loike answers these questions and more.

A Century of OU Kosher Certification

A remarkable history lies behind the extraordinary variety of kosher-for-Passover products.

The What & Why of Eruv Tavshilin

When Yom Tov precedes Shabbos, it is rabbinically forbidden to cook or prepare on yom tov for Shabbos.

GE Appliances Completes Transition of Refrigerators to OU Kosher/CRC Certification

Top-freezer refrigerators will now be certified with built-in enhanced Shabbos mode.