Passover Articles

COVID-19 and Pesach Related Issues

As the world struggles to contain and address the Corona virus pandemic – with only a short time left until Pesach – the following is intended to address some common and unique circumstances:  CLEANING THE HOME FOR PESACH   PREPARING THE KITCHEN FOR PESACH  TEVILAS KEILIM IF MIKVA IS INACCESSIBLE  WHAT IF I CAN’T MAINTAIN […]

An Erev Tavshilin Q&A

Q:  What is the reason for eruv tavshilin? A: When the second or eighth day of yom tov falls on Shabbat, or if Shabbat falls immediately after yom tov (as the third day of yom tov does this year on April 11th), it is rabbinically forbidden to cook or prepare on yom tov for Shabbat. […]

Guarding Our Matzot, Personalizing Our Mitzvot

The late great Jerusalem posek, Rabbi Shlomo Zalman Auerbach, delighted in the various kinds of matzot brought by his children and grandchildren to the Pesach Seder. Some preferred the round handmade matzah from one particular bakery or another, while others favored square machine manufactured matzot. Whereas some might consider this preference a point of contention […]

A Pesach Lifeline

Two weeks before Pesach last year, Dan* lost his job. He and his wife, Sarah,* had a house with a mortgage, two cars, and three young children—and no resources to make Pesach. Sarah was trying to build a home business, but the timing was difficult. With heavy hearts and no other options, the couple reached […]

Many Moons Ago…

This month shall be for you (the beginning of all the months). Parshat Bo (12:2) This statement, this gift from Hashem, is the first of 613 mitzvot Hashem gave to the Bnei Yisrael. Before the Exodus; well before they stood at Sinai to receive the Torah; before the parting of the Red Sea; before their […]

Chametz: When to Peddle and When to Purge?

A common method for relinquishing ownership of chametz is to sell it, typically through an agent (a rabbi), to a gentile. The chametz remains in the house, in a closed-off area (e.g., a closet) that has been rented to its new owner. After Pesach the rental period ends and the agent purchases the chametz back […]

Thou Shalt Steal- The Afikoman

FOR JEWISH CHILDREN, “stealing” the afikoman and its subsequent ransom has been a Seder highlight for many generations. What is the basis for this seemingly odd custom? Do we wish to teach our children to act (even if only on this night) contrary to one of the most basic ethical principles? And then, as if […]

K’zayit. Just an Olive?

“I had to eat sooo much matzah!” That’s a response I often get from people when I inquire about their Seder night experience. Just as many mitzvot have distinct specifications in order to be performed correctly, eating matzah on Pesach has a prescribed time and minimum size requirement. Another obligation of eating matzah, though, is […]

Showering on Yom Tov-Is It Permitted?

The Shulchan Aruch (OC 260:1) directs us to bathe each Friday in preparation for Shabbat. This year, those of us living outside of Eretz Yisrael will welcome Shabbat after a full 48 hours of yom tov. Most of us (if not all) would be inclined, if so permitted, to shower in honor of Shabbat. What […]

OU-P 2020

The OU continues to give certification to Passover Quinoa. Quinoa will be available with an OU- P from Goldbaum, Pereg, and La Bonne. La Bonne will also have OU-P chia seeds. Pereg will also be selling quinoa flour. The OU will also continue certifying OU Kitniyot retail items as it did last year. Flaum’s will […]