Passover Articles

Shemittah in the Diaspora

THIS PAST ROSH HASHANA (5775) the land of Israel began celebrating its sabbatical year, the year of shemittah. Upon the original settling of the land of Israel by the Jewish people, a seven year cycle was established. Each seventh year, there is a biblical mitzvah to 1) treat produce of the land with extraordinary care […]

Guidelines for Medication

The OU poskim have summarized the principles one should use when taking medication on Passover.

Non-Food Item Guidelines for Passover – 2017

Passover and non-food items.

Bedikat Chametz

TIME FRAMES WHEN MUST BEDIKAT CHAMETZ BE PERFORMED? Bedikat chametz must be performed on the eve of the fourteenth of Nissan (April 2, 2015) after nightfall, approximately 40 minutes after sunset. Once nightfall has arrived, one may no longer engage in any form of work until the bedika is performed. WHEN DOES ONE RECITE THE BRACHA? The bracha is recited before the actual bedika process […]

Images of the Ages 
Words of the Sages

A conversation with Rabbi David Holzer, whose The Medieval Haggadah Anthology combines two of his own personal passions—the teachings of his mentor, the Rav zt”l, and his lifelong fascination with Hebrew manuscripts.

Kashering Checklist

Here’s a handy guide to “kosherizing” your kitchen for the holiday. LIBUN GAMUR Surface must be heated to a dry temperature of approximately 850° (i.e. self-clean oven) or until it begins to glow. HAGALAH Surface should be completely cleaned with hot water and unused for 24 hours. Surface should be completely clean and dry. The […]

Passover Terms

MATZA Matzah is made of specially supervised flour and water, which must be baked before the dough has had time to rise — within 18 minutes or less. It is the only product based on the five grains (wheat, barley, oat, spelt & rye) which Jews may eat during Passover, and it must be made […]

OU-Kitniyot & OU-Matza Ashira Products 2015

Items listed in this section are specially supervised products and approved for use when bearing an OU Kitniyot or an OU Matza Ashira (matzo products baked with eggs, juice or honey instead of water) – products are recommended for those of Sephardic descent, but not for those of Ashkenazic heritage with the exception of small children and […]

Kitniyot – It’s all about the Custom

Although there are many definitions as to what constitutes kitniyot, the bottom line is that it all depends on the reigning custom (minhag). Rabbi Moshe Feinstein zt’l, the pre-eminent 20th century American posek, explains that once a minhag is established, it does not readily change, even if circumstances change. For example, the minhag was to […]

Quinoa for Passover!

The status of quinoa, the grain-like crop, was the most-asked question for the last few years on the OU’s various kashrut forums across the web and in person. Following an intensive, multi-year investigation and an internal debate into quinoa’s status, the Orthodox Union has decided that it can certify quinoa for Passover. In addition, OU […]