Navigating Kitchen Appliance Technology

Kitchen appliances have come a long way in recent years. Discover what Shabbat observers need to know about some of the challenges technology presents.

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Non-Food Item Guidelines for Passover – 2016

Passover and non-food items.

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Observing the Passover Holiday 2016

How many cups of wine do we drink at the Seder? And just what exactly goes on the Seder plate? Explore this guide to Passover basics.

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OU-Kitniyot & OU-Matza Ashira Products 2015

Items listed in this section are specially supervised products and approved for use when bearing an OU Kitniyot or an OU Matza Ashira (matzo products baked with eggs, juice or honey instead of water) – products are recommended for those of Sephardic descent, but not for those of Ashkenazic heritage with the exception of small children and…

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OU Kosher: An Overview of the World’s Most Trusted Kashrut Organization

When you see the OU on a product, it is a testimony to the vitality of the Jewish people,” Rabbi Menachem Genack is fond of quoting his rebbe, Rabbi Joseph B. Soloveitchik zt”l, as saying. Rabbi Genack is chief executive of the OU Kosher division of the Orthodox Union. A shopping trip to any American…

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OU-P 2016

Find out what’s new for 2016!

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Why do Certain Products Require Special OU-P Certification?

EVERYONE KNOWS that the main category of food prohibited to eat on Passover is chametz. Chametz is defined in halacha as a product of one of five grains that has fermented through contact with water. The five grains are wheat, barley, spelt, oats and rye. This prohibition includes all products made with flour derived from these…

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Passover Recipe Substitution Chart

A friend once told me that when my kids are little Pesach would be all about the cleaning – getting every last Cheerio out of the den couch, etc., but as they get older it would be about the cooking and food preparation. Wow, how right she was – is. These days it’s so much…

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A Passover Primer

Any traditional Jew will tell you that the most pivotal time of the kosher year is the Festival of Passover. But it is also the most intense period of the year for the many food companies who try to offer their products to the kosher market. This is because kosher keeping Jews are spending a…

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Passover Terms

MATZA Matza is made of specially supervised flour and water, which must be baked before the dough has had time to rise — within 18 minutes or less. It is the only product based on the five grains (wheat, barley, oat, spelt & rye) which Jews may eat during Passover, and it must be made…

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