Passover 2023 will be celebrated from April 5 to April 13.
The two Sedorim will be after nightfall on April 5 and April 6.
Current site content applies to 2023

Passover Articles

Spice & Flavor Make Food Products Entice

Ingredient statements on product labels list all components from largest to smallest. Spices and flavors are normally listed toward the end and are relatively nondescript. While they are smallest in volume, spices and flavors are often the most crucial components, providing the distinct flavor profile of the products that we recognize and enjoy. Spices and […]

Shemittah in the Diaspora

This coming Rosh Hashana (5782) the land of Israel will be celebrating its sabbatical year, the year of shemittah. When the Jewish people originally settled the land of Israel, a seven-year cycle was established. Each seventh year, there is a biblical mitzvah to 1) treat produce of the land with extraordinary care, because it is […]

The Modern Kitchen

Rolled lips, seams or cracks, which cannot be cleaned, will require torching of those areas. Utensils should be immersed one at a time into a pot of boiling water that is on the fire. Water should be allowed to return to a boil before the next item is placed in to the pot. The pot can be non-Passover, provided it is clean, has not been used for 24 hours, and water is first boiled in the pot and discarded. Larger items can be submerged in the water one part at a time.

Baby/ Infant Formulas

The following baby formula can be assumed to be free of chametz. Many are made from kitniyot ingredients. Kitniyot does not apply to infants. Please take care to prepare baby formula and wash bottles and other utensils in an area outside the kitchen. Please note that these products are only acceptable when bearing the OU or OU-D symbol. […]

Thou Shalt Steal- The Afikoman

FOR JEWISH CHILDREN, “stealing” the afikoman and its subsequent ransom has been a Seder highlight for many generations. What is the basis for this seemingly odd custom? Do we wish to teach our children to act (even if only on this night) contrary to one of the most basic ethical principles? And then, as if […]

K’zayit. Just an Olive?

“I had to eat sooo much matzah!” That’s a response I often get from people when I inquire about their Seder night experience. Just as many mitzvot have distinct specifications in order to be performed correctly, eating matzah on Pesach has a prescribed time and minimum size requirement. Another obligation of eating matzah, though, is […]

Showering on Yom Tov-Is It Permitted?

The Shulchan Aruch (OC 260:1) directs us to bathe each Friday in preparation for Shabbat. This year, those of us living outside of Eretz Yisrael will welcome Shabbat after a full 48 hours of yom tov. Most of us (if not all) would be inclined, if so permitted, to shower in honor of Shabbat. What […]

OU-P 2020

The OU continues to give certification to Passover Quinoa. Quinoa will be available with an OU- P from Goldbaum, Pereg, and La Bonne. La Bonne will also have OU-P chia seeds. Pereg will also be selling quinoa flour. The OU will also continue certifying OU Kitniyot retail items as it did last year. Flaum’s will […]

On These Days & Nights Even the Brachos May Be Different

ON PESACH WE ARE COMPELLED TO SIGNIFICANTLY MODIFY OUR DIETS. Although at times the foods we eat on Pesach will look similar to those we eat the rest of the year (and sometimes even share a similar name), the ingredients can be vastly different. We trade in our bread for matzah and we replace flour […]

Introducing GE Shabbos Keeper

USING THE SHABBOS KEEPER WITH KOSHER SHABBOS OVENS OU Kosher and its technology division are delighted to announce the GE Shabbos Keeper (powered by Zman Technologies) for ovens, available March 1, 2020. This device revolutionizes our ability to utilize GE ovens for Shabbat and yom tov in new ways and with an ease never before possible—all halachically […]