Passover Articles

OU Kosher to Certify Made-for-Shabbos GE Appliances

OU Kosher is in the process of certifying several GE Appliances (formerly GE) to help observant Jews keep the laws of the Sabbath.

Assuring Insect-Free Romaine Lettuce

Romaine lettuce is commonly used for maror. This type of lettuce is known as an open leaf variety.

Chametz After Pesach: What, When, and Why

The Torah not only prohibits consuming and deriving benefit from chametz during Pesach, it also prohibits its ownership.

Kids’ Section

Passover games for kids! Click the images to download.

What is Kosher for Passover?

What Does “KOSHER FOR PASSOVER” Mean? During Passover, Jewish law forbids the consumption or possession by Jews of all edible fermented grain products (Chametz) or related foods. Therefore, even foods and household products which meet the strict, year-round dietary regulations, and are considered Kosher, are nevertheless, often unacceptable, or require special preparation for Passover use […]

OU KOSHER’S Rabbi Moshe Elefant Joins Talkline With Zev Brenner Live Each Night Leading Up To Passover

Rabbi Moshe Elefant may be most closely identified as Chief Operating Officer of OU Kosher and the magid shiur of the Orthodox Union’s AllDaf Daf Yomi webcast (whose thousands of daily learners make his lectures the most popular Daf in the world).  For listeners of  the Talkline With Zev Brenner radio program, America’s premier Jewish show, Rabbi Elefant’s name has […]

Make Pesach in Five Days

Yes, It CAN Be Done! Make Pesach in 5 Days. NCSY’s Meira Spivak’s New Book Tells Us How. For many of us preparing for Pesach involves a lot of work and worry. This book is intended to take away the worry and simplify the work. Some start worrying about Pesach months in advance: nightmares, cold […]

The Technology Behind OU Kosher

The Talmud teaches us that when Hashem sends us crises, He prepares the antidote in advance. As the global coronavirus set in last March, OU Kosher had little lead time to transition its large headquarters operation at 11 Broadway in Manhattan to a completely remote work environment. In what might be described as miraculous, the […]

Spice & Flavor Make Food Products Entice

Ingredient statements on product labels list all components from largest to smallest. Spices and flavors are normally listed toward the end and are relatively nondescript. While they are smallest in volume, spices and flavors are often the most crucial components, providing the distinct flavor profile of the products that we recognize and enjoy. Spices and […]

Shemittah in the Diaspora

This coming Rosh Hashana (5782) the land of Israel will be celebrating its sabbatical year, the year of shemittah. When the Jewish people originally settled the land of Israel, a seven-year cycle was established. Each seventh year, there is a biblical mitzvah to 1) treat produce of the land with extraordinary care, because it is […]