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Kosher Wash Facilities for Tankers and Railcars

OU certified wash facilities provide their customers with the highest quality washes to meet their needs. Two types of kosher washes service are provided by a certified wash facility:

1) Kosher Maintenance Wash
2) Kosher Upgrade, or ‘Kosherization’ Wash.

Every OU certified wash facility is authorized to perform kosher maintenance washes. Upgrade washes can only be performed at those facilities whose certificate clearly specifies they are authorized to do so.

Please select from one of the links below for a brief description of the two kosher-wash types and their intended purpose:

Kosher Maintenance Wash
Kosher Upgrade, or ‘Kosherization’ Wash

Railcar “Kosherization” is a particular temperature-specific procedure required for railcars previously hauling non-kosher to qualify to haul kosher product. The presence of an OU field rabbi is typically required for procedure verification.

Please click here for OU Railcar Kosherization Protocols

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