Passover Articles

Shopping after Passover

Chametz owned by a Jew during the holiday may not be consumed even after the holiday is over. Consequently, when shopping for chametz products after Passover, one must take measures to avoid chametz products that may have been subject to Jewish ownership during the festival. Because these restrictions are not limited to private individuals, Jewish […]

Prepared Baby Food

Gerber Baby Food: Carrots and Squash are not certified kosher for Passover by the OU. Nonetheless the OU has identified these products as halachically acceptable for Passover when bearing the OU. Gerber Baby Food: Green Beans and Peas are Kitniyot when bearing the OU. First Choice Baby Food: Applesauce, Carrots, Pears and Sweet Potatoes are approved when bearing […]

From Grapes to Kosher Wine

At first blush, one might think that wine, which starts out as natural fruit juice, would be easily deemed kosher. After all, companies have no problem manufacturing beverages such as orange or apple juice according to kosher rules. However, wine due to its ceremonial use in ancient pagan worship, and the unique social familiarity that […]

What Could Be Hiding in My Romaine?

I’m sure you’ve heard or even asked the following question: “Why is there such a preoccupation with the potential of finding bugs in produce these days? I don’t recall observing my grandmother checking fruits and vegetables for signs of infestation.” There are actually a number of contributing factors, including changes in diet, growing climates and […]

Getting to Know Your Matzah

Matzah, at the same time the simplest and most complex of kosher products, consists of just two basic ingredients – flour and water. On Passover we avoid all wheat based products save one – the matzah which is eaten at the Seder in fulfillment of a biblical obligation, and that which we eat throughout the […]

Baby Food

The custom of disallowing the use of ‘Kitniyot’ (soy or corn, for example) was never applied to both infants or the ill who require kitniyot food. Despite the fact that Kitniyot for infants is permissible, the Mishna Brura states that it is preferable (but not mandatory) to avoid giving infants rice, buckwheat (kasha in Yiddish), […]

Chametz Sheavar Alav haPesach: The Supermarket Controversy

An exciting aspect of Torah study is the application of the age-old principles of halachah to the modern world in which we live. Thus, as an example, there is obviously no Talmudic discussion about the propriety of walking past a motion detector on Shabbat, yet contemporary posekim (halachic decisors) have analyzed this issue and found […]

In Search of a Stress-Free Pesach? Try Calling Your Local Pesach Organizer

Helping Jewish women organize their homes—and their lives. Rivka Slatkin is a woman of ideas. As a professional organizer from Baltimore, she is used to brainstorming “organizing” solutions for clients. But one of her most memorable strategies came when she stayed home for Pesach for the first time in her married life. “Instead of having […]

The Chef’s Table- Healthy Passover Pleasures

Most traditional Pesach recipes are high in calories, carbohydrates and fat, but are low in fiber. Traditions are hard to break and favorite foods are difficult to “pass up,” especially during a holiday. To help you eat well even during Pesach, here are some healthy and delicious recipes that are sure to please the guests […]

Pesach Dieters, Take Note: You Can Have Your Potato—and Eat It, Too!

Q: Potatoes, potatoes and more potatoes … with all these carbs, it’s no wonder I gain a pound for every day of Pesach—and the week before, too! How can I avoid overdoing the carbs? A: As a long-time potato lover, I feel the need to defend one of my favorite tubers. Potatoes get a bad […]