All in Good Measure

The Passover holiday is a time to celebrate our rich heritage and affirm our commitment to the continuity of our traditions. The exodus from Egypt was the point in our great history when we were freed from bondage to man, and became a nation of God with the subsequent acceptance of the Torah at Sinai. What…

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Guidelines for Medication – Passover 2016

The OU poskim have summarized the principles one should use when taking medication on Passover.

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Halacha Round Up

BEDIKAT & BIUR CHAMETZ On the night before Pesach, every Jew is required to conduct a thorough search and destroy all chametz remaining in his/her possession. It is customary to begin this search with a candle and to transition to a flashlight in order to illuminate small areas. Particular attention should be given to those…

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Hints for Pesach Cleaning

A Few Hints For Pesach Cleaning 1. START EARLY – If you begin right after Purim and do a little bit every day, the job is not overwhelming. 2. Start with areas where chametz does not usually go and declare them off limits until Pesach. 3. Start buying Pesach staples early. Have a place ready…

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Images of the Ages 
Words of the Sages

A conversation with Rabbi David Holzer, whose The Medieval Haggadah Anthology combines two of his own personal passions—the teachings of his mentor, the Rav zt”l, and his lifelong fascination with Hebrew manuscripts.

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Immersing Ourselves in Tevilat Keilim

A refresher on tevillat keilim and a primer on its practical applications.

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In Search of a Stress-Free Pesach? Try Calling Your Local Pesach Organizer

A new trend finds frum uber-organized women fusing their talents with their religious sensibilities to help Jewish women organize their homes—and their lives. Rivka Slatkin is a woman of ideas. As a professional organizer from Baltimore, she is used to brainstorming “organizing” solutions for clients. But one of her most memorable strategies came when she…

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Kashering Checklist

Here’s a handy guide to “kosherizing” your kitchen for the holiday. LIBUN GAMUR Surface must be heated to a dry temperature of approximately 850° (i.e. self-clean oven) or until it begins to glow. HAGALAH Surface should be completely cleaned with hot water and unused for 24 hours. Surface should be completely clean and dry. The…

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The Kashering Primer – Passover

All about Pesach kashering, a process to prepare chametz vessels for Pesach use.

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Kashering Microwaves and Dishwashers for Passover

SYNTHETIC MATERIALS Microwaves and dishwasher are usually made of synthetic materials, such as plastic. There are differing opinions as to whether one may kasher such materials. Some poskim have held that since we have no mesorah (clear tradition) on these new materials, we must be strict and not allow kashering. Others have argued that the…

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