What Makes Something Kosher?

OU Kosher Staff

Ask OU’s Kashrus Across America Program Tries to Educate the Nation

Visit to OU HQ by Bruriah High School, Elizabeth NJ, Rabbi Menachem Genack, CEO OU Kosher is presenting.

OU Kosher, the world’s largest and most widely recognized international kosher certification agency, is on a mission to make consumers more aware of the inner workings of the kashrus certification process through its expanded “Kashrus Across America” program, an ASK (Advanced Seminars in Kashrus) OU educational program initiative.

“As American entrepreneur and philanthropist Sy Syms used to say, ‘an educated consumer is our best customer,’” says OU Kosher Chief Operating Officer Rabbi Moshe Elefant.

OU Kosher Managing Director of Community Relations Rabbi Eli Eleff explains, “People are better equipped at keeping kosher once they are aware of what they need to know about it and understand the work involved in kosher certification. Consumers see kosher products on the shelves, but they don’t know what it takes to get them there.”

Rabbinical Coordinator Rabbi Daniel Sharratt pointing out various insects during an insect checking practicum at Torah Academy of Milwaukee.

Rabbi Chaim Loike presenting at an ASK OU community event in Houston, TX. At right is Rabbi Nosson Dubin, Rabbinic Administrator of the Houston Kashruth Association.

Participants in the 2023 Women’s Kashrus Experience, a week-long immersive experiential kashrus program. Rabbi Eli Eleff, Managing Director and Rabbi Moshe Elefant, Chief Operating Officer are in the center.

L to R: Rabbi Daniel Sharratt, OU Kosher, Rabbi Eli Eleff, OU Kosher, Chaplain CDR Rabbi Aaron Kleinman, US Navy, Chaplain MAJ Rabbi Elie Estrin, US Air Force Reserve, Aleph Institute, Chaplain CPT Brian Stamm, US Navy Fleet Force Command, Chaplain CDR Genevive Clarke, US Navy, USS Gerald R. Ford, after reviewing the aircraft carrier USS Gerald R. Ford to determine possibilities of kosher food for religious sailors.

Rabbi Moshe Elefant answering questions at Bais Medrash of Albert in Lakewood, NJ after a pre-pesach shiur.

Rabbi Nachum Rabinowitz, Senior Rabbinic Coordinator, discussingnthe kashrus of wine at a gathering of kollels at Cong Ahavas Torah, Philadelphia, PA.

Rabbi Tzvi Ortner, Director, Halacha Technology, answering questions after an ASK OU shiur at Bais Medrash Torah U’Tefilah in Monsey, NY

Rabbi Chaim Goldberg presents on the kashrus of fish at YTE in Houston.

OU Kosher Staff

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