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Sizing up the Seder

OU Kosher Staff

The Passover holiday is a time to celebrate our rich heritage and affirm our commitment to the continuity of our traditions. The exodus from Egypt was the point in our great history when we were freed from bondage to man, and became a nation of God with the subsequent acceptance of the Torah at Sinai.

What has sustained us as a nation and enabled us to carry on throughout the millennia has been our observance of the Torah and its mitzvot, replete with their many details that define our way of life and preserve our identity. During Passover, this notion expresses itself through required measurements of the special foods we eat during the holiday. These basic measurements and the careful adherence to them are integral to our heritage. Indeed, the Talmud states that halachic measurements are a part of the unique laws that were given to Moshe Rabbeinu at Sinai.

Below are the measurements for Matzah, Maror and Wine.
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Measurements for Matzah, Maror and Wine


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OU Kosher Staff

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