Sizing up the Seder

View measurements for Matzah, Maror and Wine.

What’s New for Passover 2018

OU-P 2018 The OU continues to give certification to Passover Quinoa. Quinoa will be available with an OUP from Goldbaum, Pereg, and La Bonne. Pereg will also be selling quinoa flour. The OU will also continue certifying OU Kitniyot retail items as it did last year. Flaum’s will be selling Sonny & Joe’s OU Kitniyot […]

An Eruv Tavshilin Primer

This year we have the opportunity to perform an Eruv Tavshilin on Thursday, April 5th for the second days of Yom Tov. What is Eruv Tavshilin? When the second day of a holiday falls on the Sabbath or if the Sabbath falls immediately after a holiday, it is rabbinically forbidden to cook or bake on […]

How Does The OU Respond to Customer Inquiries?

The OU provides numerous platforms and channels for the kosher consumer to ascertain the status of OU Kosher certified products, p’sak and policies.

The Seder

The Seder and the age-old rituals of Passover seem to have the ability to capture our imagination as no other events in the Jewish calendar.

The World of OU Kosher – A Discussion with Rabbi Moshe Elefant, COO, OU Kosher

What are the responsibilities of administering the world’s largest kosher certification agency?

Reflections on the Seder from OU Rabbis

A collection of divrei Torah for the Seder.

Pesach Halacha Yomis

Under the direction of the Halacha Yomis program editors, the staff has selected questions and teshuvot for the eight days of Pesach.

How Does the OU Certify… Cheese, Flavors, Lettuce

Cheese is the most kosher-sensitive dairy product—and Passover is no exception.

How Does The OU Certify a Pesach Hotel: A Checklist

Turning over our homes and personal kitchens for Pesach is an arduous task. Effectively achieving this in a foodservice setting is all the more so…