Chametz: When to Peddle & when to Purge?

A common method for relinquishing ownership of chametz before Pesach is to sell it, typically through an agent, to a gentile. But what types of food should you deal away? And what types should you destroy?

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Choco-rific! Choco-licious! Choco-kosher?

There are few foods that arouse excitement and stir emotions as passionately as chocolate. Chocolate has been enjoyed for centuries, though developments in the chocolate industry over the years have brought with them unique kosher (and kosher-for-Passover) challenges and opportunities. The chocolate industry is divided into two basic segments: chocolate makers and confectioners. Chocolate makers…

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Cocoa – No Beans About It

Ashkenazic custom does not allow eating kitniyot (legumes) on Passover. Included in this category are rice, corn and all types of beans. So why are we permitted to eat chocolate on Passover? Isnʼt chocolate derived from the cacao bean? Although they are referred to as beans, cocoa beans are not legumes at all. They are…

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Egg & Grape Matzot

According to Ashkenazic practice, matzah made with fruit juice or eggs is permissible on Passover only for the elderly, the sick or young children who cannot digest regular matzah. The following OU matzot fall into this category: Egg Matzah, Chocolate Covered Egg Matzah, White Grape Matzot. Sephardim should consult their Rabbi.

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Exodus: In the Merit of the Righteous Women – Tips for Pesach Preparation

The process of preparing for Pesach is an arduous one.

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Food Service List for Passover 2016

The food service establishments listed below have OU Kosher for Passover certification on a limited basis. Kosher for Passover status will be verified either by the presence of an OU-P logo on sealed food packages, or by an OU Kosher for Passover letter of certification which specifies where and when food service programs are certified…

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From Grapes to Kosher Wine

At first blush, one might think that wine, which starts out as natural fruit juice, would be easily deemed kosher. After all, companies have no problem manufacturing beverages such as orange or apple juice according to kosher rules. However, wine due to its ceremonial use in ancient pagan worship, and the unique social familiarity that…

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Gebrokts – Not Just a Half-Baked Idea

People are noticing that matzah meal, a longtime Pesach-baking staple, is appearing less and less in pre-packaged kosher-for-Passover products, usually substituted with potato starch. Why is matzah meal vanishing from much of our Passover-baking fare? True, wheat (gluten)-free products have certainly increased in popularity, but this alone does not appear to be the motivation for…

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Getting to Know Your Matzah

Matzah, at the same time the simplest and most complex of kosher products, consists of just two basic ingredients – flour and water. On Passover we avoid all wheat based products save one – the matzah which is eaten at the Seder in fulfillment of a biblical obligation, and that which we eat throughout the…

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Glossary of Common Passover Terms

Chametz: Fermented or leavened wheat, rye, oats, spelt and barley. When these grains come in contact with water, they leaven within 18 minutes. In the case of hot or salted water, leavening takes place instantly. Chametz may not be consumed either by eating or drinking, and may not be held in one’s possession, nor may…

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