Tevilah Keilim

The Torah (Bamidbar 31:23) commands us that utensils made of six metals which were acquired from a Gentile must be toiveled (immersed in a mikvah) before they may be used with food. The six metals are gold, silver, copper, iron, tin, and lead. Glass utensils must be toiveled as well, based on a rabbinic requirement. If one purchased used utensils, they must first be kashered before the tevilah. However, if one borrows or rents utensils from a Gentile, there is no mitzvah of tevilas keilim. Before immersing, the utensils must be completely clean. All labels and even residual glue from the labels must be removed prior to tevilah. Prior to tevilah, a beracha is recited.

Most regular items can be immersed without ruining them. For certain electronic items the water should be shaken out, and one can use a blow dryer to dry the inside or it should be left to dry for three days. If it has a digital panel, and one is scared that it will get ruined, he should gift it to a non-Jew who will lift it up and take possession and then borrow it back from him.

Item Tevilah Bracha
Aluminum (disposable) No No
Aluminum (heavy grade disposable – multiple use intention) Yes Yes
Aluminum (non-disposable) Yes Yes
Baby Bottle (glass) Yes Yes
Baby Bottle (plastic) No No
Baking sheet Yes Yes
Blech No No
Blender (glass) Yes Yes
Blender (plastic) Metal blades only Yes
Cast iron Yes Yes
Ceramic (e.g. coffee mug) Minhag to toivel No
Chicken Scissors Yes No
China Minhag to toivel No
Coffee Maker  (glass pot) Yes Yes
Coffee Maker Machine Needs Evaluation Needs Evaluation
Colander (Metal) Yes Yes
Colander (Plastic) No No
Corelle (Plates & Bowls [which are glass]) Yes Yes
Corelle (Mugs [which are glazed ceramic]) Minhag to toivel No
Cork No No
Corning ware Minhag to toivel No
Crystal Yes Yes
Can Opener No No
Cookie Cutters Yes No
Cooling Racks Yes Yes
Crock Pot  (Ceramic Insert) Minhag to toivel No
Crock Pot  (Metal Insert) Yes Yes
Crock Pot Glass Lid Yes Yes
Cutting Board (glass) Yes Yes
Cutting Board (metal) Yes Yes
Cutting Board (plastic) No No
Cutting Board  (wood) No No
Dish Rack No No
Farberware Yes Yes
Food Processor Metal inserts only Yes
Frying pan (with Teflon coating) Yes No
Frying pan (without Teflon coating) Yes Yes
George Forman Grill Yes No
Glass Yes Yes
Hot plate metal (direct contact with food) Yes Difference of Opinion
Hot plate (used under pots/pans)) No No
Hot Water Urn Yes Yes
Keurig Machine No, recommended to sell to a non-Jew No
Meat Tenderizer Hammer Yes No
Meat thermometer No No
Metal Yes Yes
Microwave Oven Glass Plate Only Yes
Mixer beaters
(if used exclusively with not yet edible food [e.g. dough, batter])
Yes No
Mixer beaters
(if to be used at times with already edible food [e.g. ice cream])
Yes Yes
Oven Racks No No
Peeler (if used mainly for foods that are edible) Yes Yes
Peeler (if used mainly for foods that are not yet edible) Yes Yes
Peeler (if used exclusively for foods that are not yet edible) Yes No
Pizza Maker Yes Difference of Opinion
Plastic No No
Popcorn Maker Yes Difference of Opinion
Porcelain Enamel (since it is a coating for metal) Yes No
Pot (with Teflon coating) Yes No
Pot (without Teflon coating) Yes Yes
Pyrex Yes Yes
Rubber No No
Sandwich Maker Yes Difference of Opinion
Stainless steel Yes Yes
Styrofoam No No
Stoneware (glazed) Minhag  to toivel No
Stoneware (non-glazed) No No
Teflon-coated cookware Yes No
Toaster Oven Racks and Trays only Yes
Urns and kettles Yes Yes
Waffle Iron Yes Difference of Opinion
Wood No No