Introducing GE Shabbos Keeper

OU Kosher Staff


OU Kosher and its technology division are delighted to announce the GE Shabbos Keeper (powered by Zman Technologies) for ovens, available March 1, 2020. This device revolutionizes our ability to utilize GE ovens for Shabbat and yom tov in new ways and with an ease never before possible—all halachically sanctioned without any compromise.

“Sabbath Mode,” available with various oven brands, essentially disables displays, sound alerts and (if operating correctly) oven lights. It allows ovens to be set for a specific amount of time, similar to the oven’s standard timed baking feature. Usage recommendations require the removal of all food on Shabbat at one time without leaving anything to remain hot. Also, if the user wishes to use the oven without having to rely on any halachicleniencies, these modes require waiting for the “timed baking” cycle to be completed before removing food from the oven.

The GE Shabbos Keeper makes using an oven on Shabbat or yom tov simpler and easier – without relying on halachic leniencies. For example, unlike Sabbath Mode, the GE Shabbos Keeper disables safety shut-offs so if the oven door is left open, the oven heating will not shut off on Shabbat or yom tov.

The GE Shabbos Keeper for oven’s hassle-free features:

1.   The oven is pre-programmed to automatically prompt usage prior to Shabbat and yom tov

2.   It effectively disables displays, sounds, lights and safety shut-offs

3.   A special function allowing for opening and closing the oven door or removing food that does not affect oven heating functions

4.   A “warm mode” for Shabbat. For yom tov (when cooking is permitted) the oven sets to a “warm mode” that changes in four-hour windows (prior to scheduled meals) to “bake mode” at an effective cooking temperature

5.   The user can completely or partially remove food on
Shabbat (and insert food on yom tov) while in warm (or bake) mode as many times as needed

For more details contact OU’s Director of Technology,  Rabbi Tzvi Ortner at

Since 2018, the OU-approved GE Shabbos Keeper for refrigerators has transformed the use of state-of-the-art GE refrigerators for Shabbat-observant families. From the halachic vantage point, Shabbos Keeper disables all sensors that could be affected by users and puts the refrigerator into an auto mode. This allows for normal use of the appliance without having to rely on any leniencies typical with other Sabbath Mode settings. From a convenience perspective, the device is fully automated, turning itself on before Shabbat and yom tov and off upon their completion. Additionally, the refrigerator light remains on at 20% energy usage for the duration of Shabbat, irrespective of the door opening or closing. Initially compatible only with GE French door refrigerators, it is now fully compatible with any new GE refrigerator.

OU Kosher Staff

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