Passover Articles

Immersing Ourselves in Tevilat Keilim

A refresher on tevillat keilim and a primer on its practical applications.

Meat and Poultry

Contemporary production methods could invalidate the Passover status of the plainest cut of raw meat.

Exodus: In the Merit of the Righteous Women – Tips for Pesach Preparation

The process of preparing for Pesach is an arduous one.

Behind the Scenes of Kosher Meat

Surprisingly little is actually known about the kosher meat and poultry industry – misconceptions abound.

Which Foods are Chametz?

One of the last jobs of cleaning the house for Passover is to get all chametz out of the kitchen. Of course, the first things to be removed are those that are obviously chametz – bread, pasta, cookies, crackers, pretzels etc. Other foods can be identified by simply reading the ingredient panel, which shows that […]

What is Kitniyot?

In addition to the Torah’s restrictions on owning, eating and benefiting from chametz, an Ashkenazic minhag developed in the middle ages to not eat certain foods known collectively as “kitniyot”. The Mishnah Berurah (453:6 & 464:5) cites three reasons for the minhag (a) kitniyot is harvested and processed in the same manner as chametz, (b) it […]


OU certified Passover products do not contain kitniot, that is corn or soy oil, corn syrup, dextrose or any legumes. Inflated costs of natural cane sugar and cottonseed oil may result in a higher price for some OU-certified Passover foods. [dfp id=”Kosher-Passover-645×140″ size=”645×140″]

Egg & Grape Matzot

According to Ashkenazic practice, matzah made with fruit juice or eggs is permissible on Passover only for the elderly, the sick or young children who cannot digest regular matzah. The following OU matzot fall into this category: Egg Matzah, Chocolate Covered Egg Matzah, White Grape Matzot. Sephardim should consult their Rabbi.

A Brief Guide to the Passover Seder Plate

A special Seder plate is displayed during the Seder, containing the key elements of Passover. The plate is carefully prepared and placed before the head of the household, or the one conducting the Seder, who dispenses the Seder foods to each of the participants. The following items appear on the Seder plate: A. Three whole […]

Glossary of Common Passover Terms

Chametz: Fermented or leavened wheat, rye, oats, spelt and barley. When these grains come in contact with water, they leaven within 18 minutes. In the case of hot or salted water, leavening takes place instantly. Chametz may not be consumed either by eating or drinking, and may not be held in one’s possession, nor may […]