Meat and Poultry

OU Kosher Staff

OU certified factories pack unprocessed raw meat and poultry on equipment that is chometz-free throughout the year. In contrast, ground, cooked or broiled meat and poultry may be processed on equipment used for chametz products. In addition, local butchers and supermarkets may butcher with equipment used for chometz, and may repack on counters used for chametz. As such, the following guidelines should be followed:

  • Raw meat and poultry sold in any venue, in original factory sealed packages, may be used for Passover when bearing an OU (even without an OU-P).
  • Meat and poultry that is repacked in a local supermarket or butcher, should not be used for Passover, unless there is a special Passover program in place. For detailed information regarding any specific venue, please contact the local supervision.
  • Ground, cooked, or broiled meat and poultry (including liver) may only be assumed to be kosher for Pesach when bearing an OU-P or another reliable supervision. Exceptions to this rule, can be found in the listing in the Pesach Guide.
OU Kosher Staff

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