Industrial Kosher Articles

Traversing the Highways and Byways of Western New York and Pennsylvania

Many people think that to see the real beauty of the United States one must travel to the Rockies, the Grand Canyon, the national parks, Alaska or Hawaii. Let me tell you, there is a great deal of beauty and excitement in our own back yard (if you live in Cleveland, as I do), in Western New York and Pennsylvania. It is my job as OU RFR in those areas to travel the highways, and above all, the byways, enjoying the spectacular scenery while at the same time visiting a host of plants that are OU Kosher. Let’s take a trip together on one of my typical monthly routes.

Baker’s Cheese: On the Crossroads Between Acid Cheese and Rennet Cheese

A discussion of the Kosher status and rules of Baker’s Cheese.

A Peafowl by any other Name

A discussion of the history and Kosher status of the peacock.

Go South Young Mashgiach: An OU RFR Travels the Highways and Byways of the Old Confederacy

A tour of South-Eastern United States with an OU Rabbinic Field Representative meeting products and people that leave a lasting impression.

OU Kosher Baking Manual Sets Industry Standards

The Orthodox Union Kosher Division, the world’s largest and most respected kosher certification agency, today announced the publication of the “OU Manual for the Baking Industry,” a compendium of the knowledge and experience of the expert OU rabbis who travel the world applying the time-honored laws of kosher to the industrial practices of today.

How a Product from Beef Can be Used in Dairy Delicacies

An explanation of how pareve gelatin can be manufactured from beef and therefore be used in dairy products.

Colombia: Land of (Kosher) Opportunity

A survey of the opportunities for Kosher in the country of Colombia.

The Tasty Muffin: Starting off Your Day the OU Way

A discussion of the Kosher certification of muffins.

More Notes on Totes

One more important point about totes: it is not unheard of for a supplier of a product transported in totes to recover the tote from the user after the tote has been vacated of product. Don’t take my word for it. I found the following promotional literature says it better than I could: Folding bulk […]

OU Participants Come from the 4 Corners of the Torah World

They came from Jerusalem and they came from Brooklyn, and from Berlin and Paris which are roughly in between the two. Others came from Las Vegas, from Providence, Rhode Island and from Grand Rapids, Michigan, which is also roughly between the two. Twenty came from Lakewood and others from Monsey and New Square, NY, bastions […]