Industrial Kosher Articles

Kosher Chocolate Mystery and an OU Rabbi

I once visited a U.S. company that manufactured both dairy and pareve kosher-certified chocolate. This is what the process looked like.  They start off putting dry, powdered ingredients like sugar and cocoa powder through a refiner, which is a series of rollers that crush the powder to make it even finer, each successive roller grinding […]

Biodiesel and Kosher Glycerin: A look at this important fuel and its valuable byproduct

One of the most exciting and innovative processes spawned by 21st-century technology is that of biodiesel. Simply put, biodiesel is a replacement fuel for diesel engines. One fascinating and exciting use of biodiesel is in jet fuel; many commercial airliners have committed themselves to using SAF (Sustainable Aviation Fuel), of which biodiesel fills a prominent […]

OU Kosher Convenes Annual Conference for Rabbinic Field Representatives (RFR’s)

As one of the world’s largest yogurt makers was building their newest production facility, they called the OU Kosher certification agency because they wanted to produce a pareve (non-dairy) oat milk. The challenge was producing it in a dairy facility.   This question and others were discussed on May 15th and 16th at a gathering […]

OU Companies Recently Certified BeVeg Vegan Certification 

A survey published by Vegconomist reveals that 91% prefer products with an independent stamp guaranteeing a product is really Vegan, and 96% are more likely to purchase a plant-based product clearly marked as “Vegan,” according to Plant-Based News. That’s why OU Kosher has partnered with BeVeg to offer Vegan certification audits for existing OU Kosher  […]

Creating a Kosher for Passover Certified Product 

What Is Kosher for Passover? Every year, OU Kosher certifies thousands of products with a special OU-P (P for Passover). The OU-P symbol indicates that all the ingredients have been investigated for their Passover status, the production equipment has been judged to be Passover-compliant, and an OU inspector was present for a special Passover production. […]

Ethanol: From Corn to Kosher Vinegar

The Midwest is known as the breadbasket of America, thanks to its endless fields of grains. Omaha-based Green Plains Inc., which makes corn-based products, was founded in 2004 and is now the fourth largest ethanol fuel producer in North America, with 11 plants in Minnesota, Iowa, Illinois, Tennessee, Indiana and Nebraska.  With such a large […]

OU Kosher Offers Marketing Support for Certified Companies

The Orthodox Union was founded in 1898 as a non-profit  community services organization that would help unify the growing and increasingly fragmented American Jewish community.  It would quickly become a powerful force within the United States through its support for education, European immigrants and political advocacy. As a result of these efforts the OU earned […]

Why Plant-Based Products Need Vegan Certification

Did you know that plant-based does not mean Vegan, but Vegan means plant-based and cruelty-free?  Plant-based is a diet that strives for animal-free ingredients, but the consumer expectation from a plant-based claim is that it is not animal product and cruelty-free, like that of an official Vegan claim. In fact, the plant based certified standard […]

How the OU Is Helping in Ukraine

When the Russian invasion of Ukraine began in late February, OU Kosher, in close contact with the Jewish community there, began coordinating relief efforts.   Over the past month, food shipments and fundraising efforts have helped  provide the Jewish people of Ukraine with food, transportation and evacuation, hotels and shelters, medical supplies, resettlement and more. […]

OU Kosher Meets the Challenge of Certifying the Beverage Industry

A discussion of the challenges and opportunities of Kosher Certification within the beverage industry.