Industrial Kosher Articles

Keeping It Kosher in the Age of Corona

OU Rabbinic Field Representative Rabbi Moshe Perlmutter inspecting Allen Flavors Inc. in New Jersey. Photo: Meir Kruter Soon after the coronavirus reached North America, life-saving restrictions began to reshape every aspect of our daily lives, Jewish communal and ritual activities included. Shuls were shuttered for months. Yeshivot and shidduch dating went online, and Pesach 2020 was different than any […]

Fuchs NA Produces Seasonings and Creates the Consumers’ Next Obsession

At Fuchs North America, our mission is to bring the joy of food to life for consumers around the world. As a go-to seasoning supplier for food industry leaders, we deliver on this mission by partnering with food brands to create consumers’ next obsession. Since 1990, we’ve been part of the Fuchs Gruppe, the leading privately […]

OU Kosher Partners with BeVeg to Offer the World’s Only ISO Accredited Vegan Certification

According to a study by Chef’s Pencil, interest in veganism was at an all-time high in 2020.  Analyzing google Trend’s data they looked at popular vegan search terms around the world and in many languages. The data showed that veganism is twice as popular now as it was just five years ago. And according to a report by […]

New Kosher Kitchen Partnership with Emirates Airline to Produce 2000 Kosher Meals Per Day

Kosher Arabia, a new venture founded by CCL Holdings, will produce more than 2,000 OU Kosher-certified meals per day in an 1,858-square-meter facility in Dubai.  Serving Emirates Airlines and others along with hotels and events, the kitchen is expected to be a regional hub,  exporting premium kosher food locally and to  the rest of the world.  The new venture is in […]

Ask the Rabbi

Dear Rabbi:

Our plant processes and cans fruits and vegetables. The raw fruits and vegetables are of course all kosher. Why would I need to receive OU kosher certification; wouldn’t everyone know that my products are kosher? Can you explain what would be involved in attaining kosher certification for my plant?

Answer by Rabbi Leonard Steinberg

Kosher Plant-Based Foods is a Natural Combination

OU Kosher certifies some of the newest and most innovative companies in the plant-based food market. Impossible Foods which has had tremendous success with its Impossible Burger is moving forward with a multibillion IPO. Nestle has already debuted its Awesome Burger. ADM manufactures pea proteins to mimic meat flavors and Cargill has gained a strong […]

The Kosher Side of Private Labels

If you read industry reports, you have surely realized that private labeling is the way of the future. Gone are the days when the term “private label” conjured up images of plain labels affixed to a bottle of watered down ketchup and oily potato chips in huge bags. As quality has increased exponentially, the number of private label products is growing unabashedly up and down each aisle of your local supermarket. While this growth may be bad news for the “name brands” that stand to lose market-share, clearly it is good news for manufacturers and consumers alike.

Kosher Certification & Controlled Environment Agriculture

Kosher Certification Evolves With the Continuous  Technological Changes in Food Production Since the OU’s first product certification of Heinz vegetarian baked beans in 1923, the OU’s processes for certification  evolved with food production technology.  A deep understanding of food production, technology and science have made it possible to meet our customers where they are. The […]

India and the OU Kosher Connection

According to the office of the U.S. Trade Representative, U.S. total imports of agricultural products from India totaled $2.6 billion in 2019.  Leading categories include spices ($271 million), rice ($230 million), essential oils ($184 million), processed fruit & vegetables ($142 million), and other vegetable oils ($133 million).   OU Kosher has been active in India for […]

Add Your Product to the OU Kosher Approved Ingredients Universal Database

One of OUDirect’s most popular features is the search for Kosher approved raw materials, powered by the Universal Kosher Database (UKD). Hundreds of searches are done daily by OU clients looking for ingredients. But companies need to include their products in the database search results.  Products are not included by default for privacy reasons. So when manufacturers opt–in, a link to their website can be included that can introduce potential customers to all products on their website.   When any OU customer logs in […]