Industrial Kosher Articles

Stoli’s Gluten Free Vodka – OU Kitniyot: Approved for Passover for those of Sephardic Descent

Bartenders-in-the-know have been mixing Stoli Vodka in cocktails for presidents and other VIP’s for years. Now this award-winning spirit can be enjoyed by Sephardic Jews over Passover. Find out why. Passover, which begins on Friday, March 30th, is not exactly known for clinking celebrative glasses of cocktails. Everything consumed and imbibed must pass the “is […]

Enjoy “Snowflakes” Candy

Have Your Sweets and Stay Healthy Too! Looking for a delicious and healthful sweet that satisfies the palate and body? Try some Snowflakes. Realizing the virtually non-existence of health-conscious confections, Kenney Joyal, owner of Snowflakes, a flourishing new candy company, has helped fill the void with a unique sugar-free candy made with only two ingredients, […]

Genetic Food Modification and Kosher Law Are They Compatible?

“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness,”from Charles Dickens’ classic book, A Tale of Two Cities. The author’s famous words aptly sum up how our high-tech generation relates to genetically modified foods (GM foods grown with scientifically modified […]

The (No Longer) Hidden Benefits of OU Kosher

Apparently, OU Kosher’s renowned inspection-expertise carries unexpected benefits. An OU Kosher client recently sent us some labels for review. We noticed that there wasn’t any OU Kosher symbol on them. I inquired as to why he was sending these labels. He explained that the last time he sent us label samples, we caught several printing […]

Meet Rabbi Avraham Juravel – Consummate RFR

OU Kosher recently celebrated a milestone that only a few Rabbinic Field Representatives can claim to have reached. When Rabbi Avraham Juravel recently landed in North Dakota, he officially marked the 50th State in the Union in which he offered his extensive OU Kosher expertise. We took this opportunity to interview Rabbi Juravel about his […]

Applied Taxidermy and Kosher Law

Recently there have been several crested breeds of waterfowl that have been sent to the kosher slaughter houses. The crest, is manifested as extra-long feathers on the head of the bird. This feature is found in waterfowl, as well as chicken, pigeons and doves. It is the result of a genetic abnormality known as a […]


Question: I hear so much about the booming Passover kosher market. I understand that 40% of all kosher products are sold in the six to seven weeks prior to Passover. I also understand that the kosher laws relating to Passover are much stricter and require on-site supervision. Our company produces baked goods, while some of my […]

OU Kosher Rabbinic Field Representatives –Friends or Foes?

Remembering a Beloved RFR, Rabbi Avrohom Chesny of Blessed Memory This past September, Rabbi Avrohom Chesny, the Midwest region’s longtime OU Kosher Rabbinic Field Representative, passedaway. For over 37 years, the many manufacturing plants on his roster welcomed his inspection visits as they would a trusted friend. How did he accomplish this? Although, no one […]

Pesach 2018: Choices and More Choices

Those of us who are old enough to remember Passovers of three or four decades ago will certainly recall the slim pickings. By the close of the eight-day holiday, we undoubtedly had our fill of matzoh, eggs and potatoes, and even Saratoga Geyser with Kedem syrup. Passover was certainly not a time to be a […]

Ecuador Escalates Export-Edge

Americans love their tuna. Whether in a salad, sandwich, or casserole, we consume about a billion pounds of canned tuna peryear! Ever wonder where all that fish is coming from? A sun-drenched country sitting near the equator, aptly named Ecuador. There’s a welcomed phenomenon occurring in Ecuador’s food manufacturing industry. A fast-growing number of companies are […]