Industrial Kosher Articles

Down in Old Kentucky, OU Certified Bluegrass Dairy Hits the Finish Line First at the Kentucky State Fair

In what may be considered the Kentucky Derby of cheese competitions, OU kosher-certified cheese manufactured by Bluegrass Dairy & Food/Glasgow Division of Glasgow and Springfield, KY recently won first place gold in all three classes at the Kentucky State Fair for its Natural Cheddar (Wilderness Trails brand) and its Natural Gouda (Bluegrass Dairy & Food […]

All in a Day’s Work (Actually Many Days): Twin Rivers and Kosherization

All in a Day’s Work (Actually, Many Days): Twin Rivers and OU Kosher Rabbis Make a Very Complex Kosherization a Reality

It’s Anchovy Time

For generations, shoppers used to greet the grocer with the same refrain, “What’s in season?” Season means little to today’s consumer, save for the difference in price. After all, modern technology can keep apples fresh until the next fall; tomatoes on demand in the winter; and who remembers clementines as a December treat anymore? Well […]

Dear Rabbi… What are the Requirements to Have My Tanker Trailers OU-Certified?

Dear ____: Thank you for your interest in OU kosher certification of your tanker vessels. Kosher products can potentially lose their kosher status if stored in vessels without kosher status, hence the requirement for kosher verification of tanker transports. The kosher verification program of tankers involves the designation and dedication of tankers for kosher use. […]

The OU’s Spice Maven Tells Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Parsley, Sage, Rosemary & Thyme

The spice products certified by the Orthodox Union include tropical aromatics (pepper, cinnamon, cloves, etc); leafy herbs (basil, oregano, marjoram, etc.); spice seeds (sesame, poppy, mustard, etc.), and dehydrated vegetables, among others. Spice companies typically produce blends such as curry and chili powders, poultry seasoning and all sorts of other custom blends.

OU Mesorah Conference on Mitzvot of Eretz Yisrael Both Enlightens and Educates Audience of Over 300

They came from Randallstown and Baltimore, MD; Edison and Highland Park, NJ; Monsey and Spring Valley, NY. They came from Lakewood, Teaneck, Elizabeth, Passaic and Jersey City, NJ. They came from Allentown, PA, Plainview and New Rochelle, NY and throughout the Metropolitan New York area. Speakers came from Eretz Yisrael via Boston and Stamford, CT. A crowd of over 300 gathered this past Sunday at Lander College for Men in Kew Gardens Hills, NY, for a fascinating eight-hour Harry H. Beren program on the Kedushat Ha’Aretz and Its Mitzvot, that is the mitzvot especially related to the land of Israel. The audience sat mesmerized by one powerful presentation and dynamic shiur after the other.

Mission Not Impossible: The Kosher Jew in a Non-Kosher Milieu

It is well-known that when Robert A. Heinlein entitled his most famous novel, “Stranger in a Strange Land,” he adopted a phrase from the book of Exodus. Very often, the kosher consumer feels like a stranger in a strange land. Whether it’s an executive in a hotel during a business trip, or a Ba’al Teshuvah in his parents’ home, kosher consumers must sometimes navigate their way in a nonkosher kitchen. The purpose of this presentation is to offer some points of guidance to those faced with such challenges.

Complexities of Keeping a Kosher Kitchen

OU Kosher Presents Webcast On Complexities Of Keeping A Kosher Kitchen, With Rabbi Yisroel Belsky And Rabbi Hershel Schachter, May 29

OU Kosher’s China Syndrome

OU Kosher’s China Syndrome, or How I Traveled to Shanghai to Promote the World’s Most Popular Kashrut Symbol And Experienced a Shabbat To Remember

Your Kosher Horoscope

What bigger advantage could a food producer have than being able to know the future? While there is no crystal ball that can tell us what tomorrow will bring, it is possible to get an inkling of what lies in store by reading the signs. As a service to our companies, BTUS is pleased to present Your Kosher Horoscope – a look into what to expect from your OU Kosher program.