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Questions regarding certification of your company Communications and Marketing – Orthodox Union Phone: 212-613-8372 – Fax: 212-613-0775   Company Name: * Product Name: * Contact Name: Position: Phone: *   Fax: Address1: Address2: City: {embed=forms/states}  Zip/Postal Code:   Country: {embed=forms/countries} Email: * Website: Nature/Description of Product: Production facility (Name & Location): What else do you produce […]

Steps to Kosher Certification

1 Complete and send your New Company application back to the OU office by fax or by mail. The application asks for logistical information about your company and you plant, as well as a list of the products you want certified, and their ingredients. 2 A Rabbinic coordinator (account executive) will be assigned to handle […]

Some Public Information on Private Label Requests

We at the OU product department are responsible for processing all of your company’s product requests. While we are on the topic of private labels, we thought it might be a good time to mention a couple of points when sending private label requests to our office.

The Kashrut Side of Private Labels

If you read industry reports, you have surely realized that private labeling is the way of the future. Gone are the days when the term “private label” conjured up images of plain labels affixed to a bottle of watered down ketchup and oily potato chips in huge bags. As quality has increased exponentially, the number of private label products is growing unabashedly up and down each aisle of your local supermarket. While this growth may be bad news for the “name brands” that stand to lose market-share, clearly it is good news for manufacturers and consumers alike.

The Kosher Consumer Speaks

The astronomical growth of kosher foods over the last decade has driven many marketers to study the behavior of kosher consumers. Who are they? What are their buying habits? How much do they spend? Where are they located?

Kosher: A Symbol Worth Having

The Dairy Foods staff recently agreed to stop using trade-mark (™) and registration symbols (®) in editorial. The primary reason is that often status changes from the non-legally enforce-able ™ to the U.S. trademark office-approved ®, and we cannot monitor these changes. Furthermore, it’s not our job to protect your brands. That’s your responsibility.

The Power Of Pareve

Pareve means that that the food is “neutral,” neither dairy nor meat, which makes it that much more desirable. Kosher law allows for pareve foods to be consumed with all foods, whether meat, dairy or fish. A pareve salad dressing, ice cream sorbet, chocolate mints or confectionary delicacy can be enjoyed with both a sumptuous steak dinner as well as with a refreshing dairy luncheon. Essentially,pareve is the universal kosher category. In an astute Bakingbuyer comment, Betsy Hater points to an ever-successful pareve bagel as an example of how bakeries can reach a wider clientele.“Bagels by nature are pareve, as they typically include no meat, or dairy, only pareve ingredients such as flour, water, yeast, sugar, malt and molasses. However, Reyna Paulker, co owner of Bagel Fair in Indianapolis, IN, notes that many bakeries use oils based on animal fats or whey instead of wheat gluten.”

Back for a Second Year: OU’S – Expert Answers for Passover Queries

To answer questions that frequently arise during the Passover season, when the dietary laws are different and even more stringent from the ones that govern the rest of the year, the Orthodox Union Kosher Department for the second year has made available

Kosher-Sensitive Ingredients In The Dairy Industry

A list of thirteen Kosher sensitive ingredients which are particularly relevant to the dairy industry.

Glossary of Kosher Terms for Companies

The following are some non-English kosher terms that you may come across along with their explanations: Bishul Yisroel (also spelled Bishul Yisrael): Certain foods require increased a Rabbi’s involvement in the cooking process. The OU requires Bishul Yisroel on all of those products deemed to be included in the requirements for Bishul Yisroel under Jewish […]