OU Companies Recently Certified BeVeg Vegan Certification 

A survey published by Vegconomist reveals that 91% prefer products with an independent stamp guaranteeing a product is really Vegan, and 96% are more likely to purchase a plant-based product clearly marked as “Vegan,” according to Plant-Based News. That’s why OU Kosher has partnered with BeVeg to offer Vegan certification audits for existing OU Kosher  companies as an add-on to kosher audits. 

Here are some of the newest  OU Kosher  companies qualifying for BeVeg Vegan certification: 

Astor Chocolate Corporation – headquartered in New Jersey, brings luxury and class to a new level with BeVeg certification. Astor chocolates is known for introducing turn-down chocolates to the world of hospitality in the United States. Now, 5-star hotels like the Waldorf Astoria, the Plaza in New York, and executive dining rooms for American Express, Merill Lynch, Goldman Sachs, and Chase all have an official Vegan option.

Spicely Organics – headquartered in California, leads the global organic spice industry with Vegan label claim integrity. Spicely Organics is the leading industrial ingredient supplier of steam treated organic spices to organic food manufacturers. Spicely Organics is committed to a transparent supply chain, and makes it easier for products using their ingredients to certify their final products kosher, Vegan and organic. 

Nutralia SRL – headquartered in Argentina, is a company dedicated to the producing, marketing, and exporting of food additives. In response to plant-based trends in food products, Nutralia felt it necessary to incorporate the world’s only ISO accredited global Vegan trademark into its product offerings. 

NutraStar Inc. – headquartered in New Jersey is a premium contract manufacturer for hundreds of award-winning supplemental and nutraceutical brands worldwide. NutraStar provides custom formulated capsules, tablets, powders, and gummies to nutraceutical brands globally. Since the facility is OU and BeVeg certified, all brands using this facility can also apply for BeVeg vegan certification status if their ingredients are compliant.

HillviewMed Inc. – also operating with the Kalo brand is an innovative hemp and cannabis company with exceedingly high standards for transparency, safety, and efficacy with a commitment to regulatory compliance. As many companies loosely claim Vegan, HillviewMed owns and operates multiple facilities that have earned the highest certifications in the industry including GMP, GFSI, USDA, OU and BeVeg. 

There is a clear trust and credibility question in the minds of consumers when it comes to Vegan, vegetarian, and plant-based products. There is a “crisis of confidence, that 80.2% of shoppers are either “very suspicious”, “not confident at all” or only “fairly confident” that the Vegan product in their supermarket does not contain meat, writes the Vegconomist quoting Stuart Kelly, Head of Commercial, Customized Assurance at Lloyds Register. 

BeVeg  is the only independently managed and ISO accredited conducting third-party audits on companies, facilities, and processes before granting use of its global trademark. Notably, it is not required to be a dedicated Vegan facility to gain certification, since most facilities are shared facilities. Rather, it is imperative that standard operating procedures are in place to prevent animal contamination during the manufacturing process. 

OU Kosher companies can add  the BeVeg Vegan certification label claim on their product packaging since OU Kosher is the official global auditing partner for the worldwide BeVeg Vegan certification program. BeVeg is recognized and registered on six continents and is a “one and done” Vegan certification claim, says Carissa Kranz, Esq., BeVeg CEO. “Meaning, product packaging does not need to change since the trademark is registered globally. This is particularly attractive for companies looking to export and access new capital markets,” says Kranz. 

All existing OU Kosher certified companies can benefit from this partnership without a separate Vegan audit. This means minimal factory disruption and less paperwork. If you’d like to learn more about  Vegan certification during your OU kosher supervision,  you can contact your RC or visit beveg.com for more information.

Gary Magder