Passover 2023 will be celebrated from April 5 to April 13.
The two Sedorim will be after nightfall on April 5 and April 6.
Current site content is applies to 2022

Food Items


Raw nuts in their shell do not require Passover certification. Shelled raw nuts that list BHA, BHT, or any other additive on the ingredient label require special Passover certification. If no additives are listed, raw nuts may be acceptable when bearing an OU symbol. Pecans that are whole or half are acceptable with an OU certification, midgets […]


The following OU certified frozen fish portions are acceptable for Passover . Please note these refer to raw frozen fish portions, not smoked, spiced or seasoned. 365 Everyday Value Atlantic Salmon Blue Circle Atlantic Salmon Canadian Fishing Company Sockeye Salmon Fillet Changing Seas Atlantic Salmon Fillet Costco Tilapia Full Circle Wild Alaskan Sockeye Salmon Fillets, […]

Dried Fruits

Dried fruits are usually treated with oils derived from kitniyos and therefore require special Passover certification.

Missing from the Directory

If you see an OU certified product that is missing from the Passover directory please check the OU Passover product search.  

Kitniyot List

The following are considered Kitniyot: Beans Buckwheat Caraway Cardamom Corn Edamame Fennel Seeds Fenugreek Flaxseed (Linseed) Green Beans Hemp Seeds Lentils Millet Mustard Peas Poppy Seeds Rapeseed Rice Sesame Seeds Sorghum Seeds Soybeans Sunflower Seeds Teff The following are not considered Kitniyot, but may require special checking: Anise Carob Chia Seeds Coriander Cottonseed Cumin Guar […]

Who Can Eat Egg Matzah?

Egg & Grape Matzot According to the Shulchan Aruch, dough made from flour mixed with fruit juices or eggs will not become chametz no matter how long it stands, provided no water is added. Despite this ruling, according to Ashkenazic practice, matzah made with fruit juice or eggs is permissible on Passover only for the […]

Milk Alternatives

The following products contain kitniyos and are acceptable for the infirm who need milk alternatives. They are acceptable only in shelf-stable containers. Almond Breeze Original Rice Dream Classic Original Soy Dream Original Enriched

Fruits and Vegetables (froz.)

Frozen vegetables are washed in water that often contains anti-foaming agents, which are not appropriate for Passover use. Moreover, some companies also pack pasta products on shared packing machinery. Therefore, frozen vegetables require Passover certification. However, these issues are not a concern at facilities that process frozen fruit, which does not require Passover certification. One […]