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Rice Milk

Rice milk can be made with beta amalyze an enzyme derived from barley which is chametz and would make the rice milk chametz. The following brands of OU Kosher pareve original rice milk do not contain any chametz, but are kitniyot: Rice Dream Enriched Unsweetened Original Harris Teeter RiceSense Enriched Full Circle Hy-Vee Meijer Nature’s Place…

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Iodized salt is often processed with corn (kitniyos) and requires Passover certification. Non-iodized salt does not require Passover certification, nor does sea salt.

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Soy Milk

Anyone for whom it is necessary to consume kitniyos may drink these products. However, because we are unable to verify the kosher for Passover status of the equipment on which they are produced, we recommend purchasing these items before Passover, at which point any traces of chometz would be batul (nullified). The following soy milks do not…

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Ground spices require Passover certification. They can be processed on equipment that contains chametz and can also be adulterated with kitniyot or chametz.

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Kosher for Passover certified Splenda is available only at the industrial level.  This is what is being sourced for products bearing OU-P certification.  For alternative Passover certified sweeteners please refer to our Passover Guide.

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Please note that not all OU wines are certified for Passover use. Some wines, are flavored and colored and may contain Kitniyot, and therefore are not marked for Passover use. The vast majority of OU certified wines are OU-P. Please be sure to check your wine products before purchasing.

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