Food Items

Frozen Fruits and Vegetables

Frozen vegetables are washed in water that often contains anti-foaming agents, which are not appropriate for Passover use. Moreover, some companies also pack pasta products on shared packing machinery. Therefore, frozen vegetables require Passover certification. However, these issues are not a concern at facilities that process frozen fruit, which does not require Passover certification. One must…

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Honey requires special Passover certification, as our research shows that some companies adulterate it with corn syrup.

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Kitniyot List

The following are considered Kitniyot: Beans Buckwheat Caraway Cardamom Corn Edamame Fennel Seeds Fenugreek Green Beans Hemp Seeds Lentils Linseed (Flaxseed) Millet Mustard Peas Poppy Seeds Rapeseed Rice Sesame Seeds Soybeans Sunflower Seeds The following are not considered Kitniyot, but may require special checking: Anise Carob Chia Seeds Coriander Cottonseed Cumin Guar Gum Locust Bean…

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Lemon Juice

Lemon juice is frequently packed on the same equipment as products that contain chometz and kitniyos. Therefore, it is acceptable for Passover with a regular OU only when appearing in the product search or the OU Passover guide or when bearing an OU-P.

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Meat and Poultry

Contemporary production methods could invalidate the Passover status of the plainest cut of raw meat.

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Milk contains added vitamins that contain a slight chametz risk. Therefore it is best to purchase milk before Passover at which time chametz can be nullified (batel).

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Missing from the Directory

What if I see an OU certified product that is missing from the Passover directory? The following are acceptable: Aluminum foil Candles Cleansers Detergents Ground coffee (unflavored, NOT decaffeinated, NOT instant) Paper and plastic goods Polishes Salt (NOT iodized) Scouring pads Sugar, white granulated Tea bags, regular (unflavored, NOT decaffeinated, NOT instant) Plastic utensils Water (no…

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Nutritionals and Dietary Supplements – Passover 2017

PLEASE NOTE THE FOLLOWING POINTS:  Many of the products contain kitniyot, some as the primary ingredient. Some of the products may contain minor ingredients that are possibly, though unlikely, produced from chametz-based raw materials. All such ingredients are used at a less than 1:60 ratio. Liquid versions of these products are preferable to their powdered…

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Raw nuts in their shell do not require Passover certification. Shelled nuts that list BHA or BHT (preservatives) in the ingredients require special Passover certification. The preservatives are sprayed on the nuts using corn derivatives (kitniyot). If no additives are added, most nuts may be used without special Passover certification. Pecans are only acceptable with special Passover certification….

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Orange Juice Concentrate

Frozen Orange Juice Concentrate is approved for Passover when bearing a regular OU symbol. For specific brands and products please consult the Passover guide or check the OU Passover product search.

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