Food Items

Lemon Juice

Lemon juice is frequently packed on the same equipment as products that contain chometz and kitniyos. Therefore, it is acceptable for Passover with a regular OU only when appearing in the product search or the OU Passover guide or when bearing an OU-P.

Canola Oil

Canola oil, which is a form of rapeseed oil, should be considered kitniyot.

Kosher Salt

Iodized salt is often processed with corn (kitniyot) and requires Passover certification. Non-iodized salt does not require Passover certification, nor does sea salt.

Sugar Substitutes

The following sugar substitutes are available with an OU-P or OU Kosher for Passover: Gefen Nutrataste Gold Sweetener (sucralose) Gefen Sweet’N Low Although Splenda brand sucralose is found in OU-P products, it is not available for consumers. Please see the the OU Passover guide or check the OU Passover product search for a Passover approved honey, cane sugar, […]


Please note that not all OU wines are certified for Passover use. Some wines, are flavored and colored and may contain Kitniyot, and therefore are not marked for Passover use. The vast majority of OU certified wines are OU-P. Please be sure to check your wine products before purchasing.

Alcoholic Beverages

Alcoholic beverages must bear certification to be used for Passover. There are numerous issues involving what the alcohol is made from, the equipment it is produced in, and the fermentation process itself. We encourage all Kosher consumers to find alcoholic beverages with reliable certification or to abstain for the eight days of Passover.

Soy Milk

The following OU certified soy milk products in the “original” variety can be used for the infirm and children who need an alternative to standard milk on Passover: Soy Milk Original  365 Everyday Value (Original, Light, and Unsweetened) Best Choice Clearly Organic Fit & Active Organic Fit & Active Fresh & Easy Soysense Giant Green Way […]


Quinoa, the grain-like seed grown in South America, is Kosher for Passover when processed with special OU Passover supervision and bearing the OU-P symbol. Rabbi Genack, CEO of OU Kosher, has released the following statement: “It is only recently that quinoa has become popular outside of its high-altitude growing area in the Andean mountain region of South America. Known for […]

Coffee and Tea

All unflavored ground coffees are acceptable for Passover use when bearing an OU. Decaffeinated coffee: Coffee is often decaffeinated by means of ethyl acetate, which is derived from either kitniyot or chometz. Certain brands of decaffeinated coffee are approved when appearing a regular OU symbol. Please check the OU Passover product search or consult the OU Passover guide for a complete list. […]


Brown Sugar: Both light and dark brown sugar require special supervision since other ingredients aside from sugar may be used in production. Certain brown sugar brands are approved when appearing a regular OU symbol. Please consult the OU Passover guide or check the OU Passover product search for a complete list. White Granulated Sugar: All white granulated sugar is […]