OU Passover Guide 2021

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Food Items

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Alcoholic Beverages

Alcoholic beverages must bear certification to be used for Passover. There are numerous issues involving what the alcohol is made from, the equipment it is produced in, and the fermentation process itself. We encourage all Kosher consumers to find alcoholic beverages with reliable certification or to abstain for the eight days of Passover.

Almond Meal

It is preferable to purchase almond meal with Pesach certification. If this is not possible, certain brands are approved when bearing a regular OU symbol. Please consult the OU Passover guide or check the OU Passover product search for a complete list.

Pet Food

Since it is forbidden to own or benefit from chametz during Passover, food that contains chametz may not be fed to pets. However, it is permitted to give pets food that contains kitniyot.
If one is unable to procure pet food that does not contain chametz, some rabbinical authorities allow for a sale, which would transfer to a gentile the ownership and responsibility of caring for the pet. Ask your Rabbi for guidance.

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