Spring 2015 BTUS

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A Kettle Shows its Mettle: When Kosherization is Required on Equipment

One of the most fundamental concepts in kosher supervision, aside of course from the requirement that all ingredients in a product must be kosher, is the idea that the equipment that is used to process the foods must be exclusively designated for kosher use as well. The same rules hold true for separation of dairy and pareve […]

New to the OU: LosBeans Coffee Family – Doing Right Because It Is The Right Thing to Do

LosBeans is a wholesale coffee roaster in Vancouver, Canada. We are proud of our seed to cup approach as it enables us to be revolutionary in our approach and presentation. From growing coffee in two regions of Mexico to roasting on the West Coast, we are part of, and understand, the whole process necessary to get a great […]

New to the OU: A Navy Seal, Back on Dry Land, Creates Kill Cliff, Delicious OU-Certified Recovery Drink

Kill Cliff® is a full function recovery drink that ditches the sugar in favor of results. With a proven formula that includes B, C & E vitamins, enzymes, electrolytes and natural plant extracts including ginger root and ginseng root powder, Kill Cliff’s recovery drinks are the first can grabbed after a strenuous workout. Kill Cliff isn’t only about […]

New to the OU: Using Their Noodle: Nongshim of South Korea Sees Greater Market Ahead with New OU Certification

Nongshim is the Number One instant noodle and snack manufacturer in South Korea. Founded in 1965 in Seoul, the company quickly expanded to neighboring countries throughout Asia. In 2005, Nongshim America built a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Rancho Cucamonga, California to better serve the ever-growing demand for Nongshim products in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. At Nongshim, we […]

Blends by Orly Take Gluten-Free Baking to New Heights

Josh Borenstein was a foodie with celiac disease, starting a new job in Paris, unable to touch a bite of all that gorgeous French pastry. Then his wife, Orly Gottesman of Englewood, NJ, came to the rescue. She learned how to marry French baking techniques to gluten-free ingredients, first as an apprentice in a Parisian pastry shop and […]

Thinking Inside the Box:

L’Chaim OU Kosher for Passover Wine from Italy to be Packaged in Unique and Attractive Box, First and Only One of its Kind Ralph Mizraji, entrepreneur and founder of L’CHAIM Kosher Wine and Vodka, has a dream. He wants his brand L’CHAIM / To Life to become the new “go to” ‘kosher brand and he may be […]

Merry at Perry’s: OU Certification Adds to Delicious Taste to Delight Ice Cream Lovers

Perry’s Ice Cream began in 1918 when H. Morton Perry purchased a small dairy in Akron, NY. He delivered fresh milk by horse and wagon every day until 1932 when the Akron High School asked if he could supply ice cream to their school. Excited by the prospect of growing the company during the Great Depression, Morton used […]

Our Daily Bread: More Than The Sum of Its Calories

The restaurant was bustling. Joyous noise and laughter filled the room as waiters and waitresses bustled to and fro, bringing trays of food or removing the empty plates of sated diners. The tables were filled with people enjoying their meals—extended families celebrating a birthday or graduation, small families sharing the evening together, friends crowding into a booth, laughing about […]

The President’s Rabbi

I first met Rabbi Menachem Genack, rabbinic administrator and chief executive officer of OU Kosher, on the momentous Inauguration Day of 2009. During our conversation in his office, Rabbi Genack could not resist showing me his Lincoln memorabilia and pointing out that President Barak Obama would be sworn into office that day on the historic Lincoln Bible. Many remarkable […]

Ingredients: Protect Your Company!

All OU Kosher-certified companies are familiar with the ‘Schedule A’ document. This document serves as an ‘approved supplier list’ for ingredients used in a kosher product or one that shares equipment with kosher product. However, unlike a standard ‘approved supplier list,’ the Schedule A may offer more information to permit alternative ingredients or provide further restriction on already […]

A Fish Story: How OU Kosher Certifies Fish Products

It wasn’t all that long ago those “typical” kosher fish products would’ve consisted of gefilte fish, smoked salmon and pickled herring. As with everyone else, the palates of kosher consumers have matured, and there is almost no commercially available fish product which isn’t available in an OU Kosher-certified form. While the primary motivation for kosher […]

When It’s Enzyme Time, Call on The OU

The enzyme industry and its component, the food-grade enzyme industry, are areas that have grown rapidly over the last forty to fifty years. Enzymes are currently used to create all sorts of different properties in foods, throughout food manufacturing. Examples include the starch industry, production of cheese and other dairy products, bakery products, the egg industry, juice and […]

The OU Visit: Being Prepared, Hosting it, and Enjoying it!

Similar to most government inspections, OU visits are unannounced. That means that a plant does not start preparing for its OU visit at a specific time; rather, a plant is always preparing and is always prepared. When a plant is in this state of preparedness, OU visits are smooth, and the kosher program is basically hassle-free and can […]