The Joy of Jonica Juice

If your palate craves a rich, natural fruity taste, Jonica Juice´s fruit purees and puree concentrates more than answers the call. This versatile product creates fruit juices, juice drinks and smoothies, as well as jams, fruit fillings and dressings, the products consistently deliver deliciousness. And accessibility.

Jonica Juice provides semi-finished fruit purees to worldwide players in the beverage, ingredients and bakery industry.

Through every stage of production, the company abides by the highest standards, from the selection of the raw material, to the processing and filling. The final product is sent to certified external laboratories for full analysis. To reach the highest quality standard, Jonica Juice continues to invest in and employ state-of-the-art technologies.

To further accomplish that goal, Pfanner, owner of Jonica Juice since 2010, chose Basilicata, in the heart of Southern Italy, to produce semi-finished fruit purees. The lush area flourishes with succulent peaches, apricots, strawberries and tomatoes. To allow the aroma of the fruit to develop, Jonica Juice only processes perfectly ripe fruits coming from the neighboring areas in a way that captures as much of their authentic flavor as possible.

“The heart of our philosophy is fulfilling our consumers’ needs,” says ??? “That includes taste, enjoyment, health, refreshment. We also keep the world community and the environment very much in mind.”

To ensure that the raw material meets its specifications and the requirements of sustainable growth, the company established long-term relationships with top fruit suppliers. Through regular visits and audits the Jonica Juice insures the mindful and economical use of fertilizers and pesticides to gain a better control over the harvest.

Jonica Juice is probably the only processor of peaches and apricots in the deep south of Italy, generating business at various levels – farmers, employee, logistic and service partners – in an area with one of the highest unemployment rates in Italy, but one of the highest percentage of highly skilled workers.

A significant part of providing for its customers is being ready to develop ad-hoc products according to consumer specifications and specific requirements, not only in terms of product but also packaging, delivery and certifications.

Jonica Juice is organic and IFS certified, and now we are honored to be OU Kosher certified. The OU Kosher certification allows us to fulfill the rising requests for kosher-certified products from our actual partners and gives us the opportunity to duly approach new markets, where other companies of the Pfanner Group have been working with over the decades in the USA and Israel.

It’s not surprising that Jonica Juice is one of the top players in the European market for semi-finished fruit purees. Its purees, single-strength and concentrate up to 30°Brix, are used by tens of food industries as a raw material for the production of their juices and smoothies.

“Thanks to the OU Kosher certification, we are ready to fulfill any request from the key players of beverage industry acting on the global market,” says Antonio Arnaud.

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