New to the OU: LosBeans Coffee Family – Doing Right Because It Is The Right Thing to Do

LosBeans is a wholesale coffee roaster in Vancouver, Canada. We are proud of our seed to cup approach as it enables us to be revolutionary in our approach and presentation. From growing coffee in two regions of Mexico to roasting on the West Coast, we are part of, and understand, the whole process necessary to get a great cup of coffee. From tearing down long-held conventions to building our own approach to sustainability, we grow and source coffee that aligns with our own ethics, morals and principles.

The family business is a love story spanning 150 years and five countries. Love for each other, love for great coffee and love for the land from which we borrow it. It all started with the purchase of the plantations in the late 1800’s and grew to the revival of a lost farm in recent years and the development of a great roasting facility. The family is truly in the coffee business!

Our three-pillared approach to sustainability allows us to look at the source of the coffee and ask: Does it fit with our stance on social, environmental and economic sustainability? The majority of the coffee we purchase is certified organic—and this is how we prefer it. If the social impact of adhering to this certification puts a farm in jeopardy, we consider the farmer’s livelihood to be the priority. It is our economic commitment to ensure that all partners—from seed to cup—are as financially viable as possible, while balancing their environmental and social impact.

From building schools to restoring the jungle, LosBeans continues to work in accordance with its mantra, “Doing right because it is the right thing to do.”

Our coffee products are both wholesale and retail size, from single origins to blends. We wanted to have the OU Kosher certification to make our product available to everyone; in addition, the thoughtfulness behind the certification rings true to us.

Today we also partake in development of teas under our research and development wing, Walking Tree Teas. These teas offer an innovative product of coffee cherry. Dried coffee cherry husk is processed to deliver the best taste, with additional flavors of strawberry, lemon and orange!

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