New to the OU: A Navy Seal, Back on Dry Land, Creates Kill Cliff, Delicious OU-Certified Recovery Drink

Kill Cliff® is a full function recovery drink that ditches the sugar in favor of results. With a proven formula that includes B, C & E vitamins, enzymes, electrolytes and natural plant extracts including ginger root and ginseng root powder, Kill Cliff’s recovery drinks are the first can grabbed after a strenuous workout. Kill Cliff isn’t only about reengineering an industry with health-conscious quality drinks with clever names. Kill Cliff is the first company to be an official partner of the Navy SEAL Foundation.

Founded by former Navy SEAL Todd Ehrlich, Kill Cliff was engineered around the model of social capitalism—founding a for-profit company to benefit the altruistic goal of helping others. Being able to provide ongoing aid and support to veterans of the Naval Special Warfare community is critical to Mr. Ehrlich. It’s this community commitment that separates Kill Cliff from the pack, recognizing the dedication of our veterans around the world.

In 2015, Kill Cliff is replacing energy drinks and soda with a drink that offers actual benefits for your day-to-day challenges. Who needs sugar-saturated sports drinks or cola? The public is choosing Kill Cliff for a no-sugar, no-artificial coloring or flavors alternative with less than 20 calories and a robust flavor that doesn’t skimp on the awesome.

Kill Cliff is proudly OU-certified on all four of our flavors:

Tasty — a beautiful bounty of blood orange flavor;

Double Awesomeness — a pomegranate punch worth fighting for;

Free Fall — so glad the lemon & lime blind date worked out;

NEW Berry Legit — a roundhouse kick to the face of blackberry lemonade.

Why are these details important? Because Todd Ehrlich’s focus is to trail blaze a path that transcends the gym to reach a new global stage for refreshing, healthy choices in the food we choose. Our newly attained OU Kosher certification is a further sign to our consumers about what is important to us here at Kill Cliff and is the stamp of quality that reinforces this commitment to our customers and our team.