Thinking Inside the Box:

L’Chaim OU Kosher for Passover Wine from Italy to be Packaged in Unique and Attractive Box, First and Only One of its Kind

Ralph Mizraji, entrepreneur and founder of L’CHAIM Kosher Wine and Vodka, has a dream. He wants his brand L’CHAIM / To Life to become the new “go to” ‘kosher brand and he may be on to something. In his enthusiasm about the launch of his new boxed wine line product, Mr. Mizraji declares, “This OUP certified kosher boxed wine is the first and only one of its kind.”

Mr. Mizraji explains, “L’CHAIM branded wines begin with the master winemaker who supervises the planting of the vineyard where the soil must be enriched and nurtured with basalt and terra rosa. The vineyard is located in Italy in a topographically strategic area in which to take advantage of ideal climate conditions facing the exact direction as to receive a precise amount of sunlight. Even the harvesting is thought through carefully so that the grapes are hand-picked with great care at first dawn to keep the clusters cool.”

Parlaying the success of the recently launched vodka category, Mr. Mizraji contracted with Southern Wine and Spirits, the largest distributor in the United States, together with the largest privately held winery in Italy, to produce OU-certified Kosher for Passover wines to enter the market.

“Needless to say, we are committed to quality and we pay attention to every detail in the process, which we consider an art,” Mr. Mizraji said. “This old-world approach to fine wine-making is time consuming but worthy of its heritage and is why we selected the Orthodox Union as our kosher certification. It was an easy decision—the OU is recognized globally as the leading kosher authority.”

Mr. Mizraji speaks of the “team” with reverence, noting that his producer and distributor partners put their teams to work on the project above all others to hit shelves in time for Passover 2015. “The OU team acted fast and made it possible to proceed at lightning speed,” Mr. Mizraji declared. “Because the OU team acted as fast as they did, we should be available on shelves in New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Massachusetts, Texas, Florida and California by first quarter of this year, in time for Passover.”

Ralph Mizraji has a knack for building brands and branding. He led the effort to create a “Kosher . . . Even if You’re Not” awareness and acceptance campaign. The cross-over campaign has worked well, he reports. “The brand has been accepted and is the envy of many that have tried and failed. OU and OUP are integral components of the campaign.”

The wine campaign will start with a special series called “To Life” for wine enthusiasts. The packaging is first class and the Italian-made product is a premium red blend of Sangiovese/Merlot and the premium white blend is a Chardonnay/Trebbiano. “You will be delighted by the remarkable tones and aroma, and OU certification guarantees a cleaner and purer Kosher for Passover product. The extraordinary rich flavor and taste is what you would expect from L’CHAIM,” Mr. Mizraji says.

According to Mr. Mizraji, the brand name is clever and the marketing and branding concept is fresh and relevant. The packaging is unique while the distributor and producer are leaders in their field. The package is a well-designed six-inch wide by nine inch high fine-quality corrugated grade box with a special top-grade flexible receptacle inside the box. The special make and quality of the flexible receptacle is designed to hold and keep oxygen and contaminants from spoiling the wine. The outward appearance of the package is also a very high quality process using UV printing techniques resulting in brilliant silver and gold colors, with the intent of the package sitting on a Sabbath or Passover Seder and holiday table.

Toward the bottom of the box there are instructions on how to use the spigot, which will pour as much or as little as one wants during one sitting. The remaining wine will stay fresh for a month as long as the box is kept in a comfortable, cool temperature. This solves the common problem of what to do with the proverbial half-poured bottle of wine at the end of the night. The three-liter box holds the same amount as four bottles and enough for 20 cups of wine, “perfect for a Seder table,” Mr. Mizraji says. The consumer benefits from cost savings of not using glass, without compromising the product; “the cost savings translate to a better quality wine for less,” Mr. Mizraji declares.

Rabbi Nahum Rabinowitz, who directed the OU certification process said, “Boxed wine is an exciting first for kosher wine. These OU-certified Italian wines are sure to make waves in the kosher market.” He added, “All processing was handled directly by OU supervisors to meet the highest standards of kosher.”

Asked about the potential and expectations for L’Chaim, Mr. Mizraji says, “We have a ubiquitous and clever brand name and concept and we have the dream team behind the project. I see countless cups filled with our wine and the sounds of toasting “to life” and “L’CHAIM” louder and louder every day.”

The retail price is earmarked $24.99. L’CHAIM can be found at neighborhood stores, Walmart, whole foods and many other outlets. Look for coupons and promotions at stores and on the website,