New to the OU: Using Their Noodle: Nongshim of South Korea Sees Greater Market Ahead with New OU Certification

Nongshim is the Number One instant noodle and snack manufacturer in South Korea. Founded in 1965 in Seoul, the company quickly expanded to neighboring countries throughout Asia. In 2005, Nongshim America built a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Rancho Cucamonga, California to better serve the ever-growing demand for Nongshim products in the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

At Nongshim, we pursue the health and happiness of our consumers under our global slogan, “Better Foods & Services for Better Life.” We are committed to realizing our vision, focusing on the most important part of the company: the consumer. Through our constant and abiding emphasis on product development and customer service, Nongshim endeavors to improve the health and lifestyles of consumers all around the world.

Our new brand, Farmer’s Heart, is a venture into the greater American marketplace with an instant twist on classic, favorite flavors. We are proud to present our first kosher product: Mushroom Alfredo Nu: Linguine under the Farmer’s Heart brand. A creamy, instant alfredo, it packages substantial flavors into a small cup. Made with classic alfredo sauce ingredients like cream, cheese, butter, garlic, mushrooms, and herbs, it is a simple, yet satisfying dish that is perfect for a light meal, easily prepared in three minutes anytime, anywhere.

Nongshim America is proud to be joining the growing kosher market. We recognize the OU Kosher symbol as a widely acknowledged and respected brand, synonymous with trust and quality for the consumer. Extensive work in equipment modification and sourcing ingredients was performed to prepare for the complexity of our kosher operations. Various rabbinical experts from the OU were brought in to consult during this process, and suppliers’ facilities were also altered to allow for kosher production, explicitly for specialty food ingredients.

With our new OU certification, we hope to better serve the community, providing our great-tasting and convenient instant noodles to a greater market. Be on the lookout for our Alfredo (OU-Dairy) and also some of our upcoming products: Classic Chicken (OU-Meat) and Minestrone (OU-Pareve) soups.