OU Companies Speak

The Quest For Perfection At Sarabeth’s Kitchen

Sarabeth’s Kitchen is a multi-faceted company that produces a gourmet line of highly acclaimed jams and preserves. The OU certification is proudly proclaimed in all its literature.

OU Joins Aquathin Corp. USA’s Silver Anniversary Celebration

IN 2005 the Aquathin Corp. USA will celebrate its Silver Anniversary,
and among those wishing the firm a Happy Anniversary is the Orthodox Union, given the close working relationship they share.

Erie Foods International

The history of Erie Foods International began in 1938. In the beginning, the company produced industrial casein for the adhesive, paint and textile industries. Later, it was the first firm to domestically convert casein to sodium caseinate for non-dairy applications such as coffee whiteners and whipped toppings. Since the company’s expansion from the industrial casein markets in the 60’s and 70’s, the Orthodox Union has been part of our growth.

We Just Became Kosher

Dave and Betsy Wilcox did not have the money for expensive cuts of meat so they came up with the perfect marinade to help tenderize inexpensive meats. Since then, ALLEGRO has become the market leader in marinades through-out the South. Since becoming certified by the OU, the marketing research has reflected the growing demand for kosher pareve items. “It was worth our efforts after all.”

A&B Gefilte Fish: No Labor, No Preservatives

A&B Famous Gefilte Fish owes its success to the vision and foresight of Abraham and Benjamin, but in very great part to the OU as well. OU certification opens doors in homes to them worldwide — and when your product is gefilte fish, if those doors don’t open, you are out of business.