OU Companies Speak

Stolichnaya® Sets the Standard for Vodka Production and for OU Kosher Certification

Think of Russia and what comes to mind? The huge size of the country, the vast steppes, Moscow and St. Petersburg, freezing winters – and of course, vodka. Stolichnaya® has established itself as the most trusted name in vodka, guaranteeing Russian authenticity and quality in each bottle. Decades after the brand’s birth, Stoli® remains the best selling Russian vodka in the United States, valued because it is produced to the highest standards of Russian vodka production.

At Martek, Quality Assurance and OU Kosher Certification Go Hand in Hand

When I first met with Ms. Susan Patton, Director of Quality Assurance of Martek Bioscience in Winchester, KY in its original flagship manufacturing plant, I had the feeling that the relationship between Martek and the OU for kosher certification would be a natural fit. It is now commonly accepted by experts that the best nutrition source for a developing infant was set up by the Good Lord himself. Mother’s milk contains a host of nutrients which promote development in all areas, including growth; antibodies which give immunity to many diseases; together with brain development and the better likelihood of living a long, healthy and productive life. Even the containers of the leading infant formulas point out that when possible, breast feeding is the best way to provide health and nutrition to the developing infant.

Martek Makes its Mark in Biosciences with the Help of OU Kosher Certification

Martek Bioscience Corporation is committed to the development of life-science-based products that promote health and well-being throughout life. Martek’s products were developed from research and technology that evolved following research into the beneficial use of algae in long-term space flight. The scientists involved in this early research came to believe that algae represented a virtually untapped resource that could be screened for a variety of applications to greatly benefit human health. Fueled by these discoveries, these visionary scientists formed Martek Biosciences Corporation in Columbia, MD in 1985.

For Goodness Sakes: Takara Sake USA Bridges Cultural Divide by Becoming OU Kosher

Anytime you take on the task of persuading one culture that has its own treasured traditions to embrace the tradition of another distinctly different culture, you had better buckle in for the ride, as it is bound to be a long and bumpy road. The people at Takara Sake USA know this in a way that only first-hand experience can teach, as it is exactly what they have been doing since their main brand of sake, Sho Chiku Bai, was introduced into the American market.
Established in 1982 in Berkeley, California, Takara Sake USA is now the top selling producer of sake (Japanese “rice wine”) in the United States. The superior water obtained from pure Sierra Nevada Mountains snow melt and premium rice grown in the fertile Sacramento Valley combine perfectly with the San Francisco Bay Area’s moderate climate to create ideal conditions for sake production. It is a recipe for successful sake-making that leaves no wonder as to why Takara Sake USA has captured the heart, and discerning palate, of America.

Keeping it Kosher in Sunnyside

SUNNYSIDE — The way Rabbi Yitzchok Gallor walks through Sunnyside’s Valley Processing plant, he easily could be mistaken for a manager. He checks temperatures, checks the plant’s equipment and points out any inconsistencies to the company’s owners. While Gallor is not an employee of Valley Processing, he could be called its most important customer. He […]

It’s Cott to be Good if the Beverage is OU Kosher

Today’s consumer is flooded with beverage choices. Is it that standard refreshing cola, tart lemon-lime or that sweet orange-flavored soda you are looking for? Perhaps it’s the New-Age fortified, vitamin-enriched waters or a sports drink. The choices are endless. However, the one word most consumers recognize about a beverage is if it’s “kosher.” Kosher is also used as a term indicating “its high quality!”

At Harlan: The Pursuit of Growth with Grains, Granola and the OU

It is not by coincidence that the Orthodox Union’s (OU) symbol is synonymous with quality. The high standards and care with which OU-certified products must be produced are recognized by consumers and manufacturers alike. For Harlan Bakeries, Inc. (Harlan), a manufacturer in pursuit of excellence and growth, obtaining the supervision and certification of the OU […]


Know your customers, try to meet their needs and work to keep their trust. In this age of mass- production, mass-marketing and standardization, concepts like these may seem old-fashioned; better suited to the neighborhood grocer of a half-century ago than a modern supermarket. Yet, It’s precisely these “old-fashioned” ideals and values that give ShopRite supermarkets market leadership in the communities they serve – and earned the stores a special place in the lives of their kosher customers.

Life is a Bowl Of Perry’s (Ice Cream)

The Perry’s ice cream story began back in 1918 when H. Morton Perry purchased the Akron milk route in Western New York, which he named Perry’s Dairy. In 1932, Morton began using his mother’s family recipe to make ice cream and thus, Perry’s Ice Cream was born.

Pierre’s Ice Cream with French Vanilla Leading the Way is Truly Magnifique

Pierre’s Ice Cream Company has been dishing up gourmet products for seventy-five years! Dedicated to manufacturing and distributing the highest quality ice cream, frozen yogurt, sherbet, sorbet and novelties, Pierre’s commitment to quality remains unchanged.