OU Companies Speak

Marcatus QED And The OU: Sharing A Worldwide Emphasis On Quality Control

Marcatus QED is an essential service provider for businesses, as a source for high quality, safe and secured food products and raw materials from around the world. Our product focus is on preserved fruits and vegetables such as small cucumbers, onions, olives and peppers. As a global company, we work in several countries across the Americas, Europe and Asia sourcing large volumes of produce for consumer packaged food brands. Our team of quality assurance and sourcing experts works directly with supply partners to validate and continuously improve agriculture and factory conditions.

At Kaiser Pickles, The OU Symbol Signifies A Quality Product And Expanded Marketing

In 1920, Kaiser Pickles was founded in Cincinnati, Ohio by Harry T. Kaiser. The company operated solely as a food distributor with an emphasis on pickles and sauerkraut. As a distributor, its products were sold right off its route trucks to grocery stores, restaurants, and butcher shops throughout Cincinnati.

From the Beautiful Hills Of Athens…Whoops, New York…Comes Creamy Chobani Greek Yogurt

From the Beautiful Hills of Athens…Whoops, New York… Comes Creamy Chobani Greek Yogurt…And it’s Nothing But Good

Chobani is based in the beautiful hills of Upstate New York, where it was founded by Hamdi Ulukaya. From this rural area, Chobani has quickly grown into the number one brand of Greek yogurt in the country and is now a household staple among American consumers.

For Bakery on Main, Making the Switch from Dairy to Pareve was no Half-Baked Idea

Making the kosher switch from OU-D to OU Pareve means much more than removing a letter from a company’s packaging. For gluten-free granola manufacturer Bakery On Main, it means a whole new world of possibilities.

Jody’s of Virginia Beach is Now OU KOSHER Certified

Jody’s, a Virginia Beach confectionary specializing in popcorn, fudge and caramel apples, started 2010 off right. On January 4, 2010, Jody’s became Orthodox Union, OU Kosher certified.

Franklin Foods is on a Mission to Reinvent Cream Cheese

Nestled in Enosburg Falls, Vermont, the state’s dairy capital, Franklin Foods began producing cheese in 1899 using fresh cream and milk from nearby farms. Today, the Franklin Foods mission is simple — reinventing cream cheese for today’s consumer and culinary professional.

Fish from the Fjord Flourish at Fjordlaks

In the bustling Norwegian town of Aalesund, with its wide range of businesses specializing in marine aquaculture, fisheries and other maritime activities, Anita and Anders Pedersen founded Fjordlaks in 1973, to produce and sell smoked wild salmon.

Clearbrook Farms: “Taste Them Once, be Spoiled for Life”

Clearbrook Farms has been in the business of making the finest fruit-based products for 85 years. At Clearbrook Farms we believe in only using Grade A fruit to make our preserves and fruit butters. Our fruits are grown by small, family-owned farms in the premium growing regions of the United States. Oregon Black Raspberries are one of the smallest and most unique berries grown in the United States. We use Michigan Red Tart Montmorency Cherries and hand-picked Wild Maine Blueberries. These fruits exemplify the types of regional fruits found in Clearbrook Farms preserves. Clearbrook Farms follows a four-generation family tradition of using the highest-quality ingredients combined with time-honored production methods.

At City Winery, You Don’t Just Enjoy the Product, But can Make Your Own Wine as Well

City Winery in Manhattan, the borough’s first winery in 40 years, includes a kosher wine facility under the supervision of the Orthodox Union. At the same location, separate from the winery, City Winery is also a special events venue with live music and private event space. Billed as “New York’s innovative winery and seated concert venue,” it’s a 21,000 square-foot space filled with an eclectic range of music and wine-related activities, many with Jewish themes.

Denomega’s Omega-360: A Complete Omega-3 for the Kosher Consumer

Fredrikstadt, Norway-based Denomega Nutritional Oils is a leading pioneer of premium taste and odor free Omega-3 ingredients and tailor-made solutions. Denomega focuses exclusively on premium Omega-3 and launched the first ever taste and odor-free Omega-3 ingredients for functional foods.