OU Joins Aquathin Corp. USA’s Silver Anniversary Celebration

IN 2005 the Aquathin Corp. USA will celebrate its Silver Anniversary, and among those wishing the firm a Happy Anniversary is the Orthodox Union, given the close working relationship they share.

Aquathin, based in Pompano Beach, FL, manufactures a broad spectrum of unique and patented water purification, softening and filtration systems servicing the residential, commercial and laboratory markets both domestic and international.

Established in 1980 by the father and son team of Mitchell and Alfred Lipshultz, Aquathin now produces over 70 patented and trademarked devices for markets around the world through more than 600 authorized dealers. Aquathin is an E.P.A. Registered manufacturer, ISO 9000 Compliant and recipient of the prestigious President’s Excellence Award in Export from the U.S. Commerce Department. It addition, it received the Nation’s Blue Chip Enterprise Award from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

Aquathin is truly a rags to riches story, with the firm starting out with a 900 square foot warehouse and seed money of $14,000 and going through a period when it was not certain it could meet its payroll – one employee – to its current status featuring a 60,000 square foot facility complete with training schools, plus an excellent industry
and international reputation.

The company has a very impressive global client list, which includes the military, embassies, museums, hi-tech factories, hospitals and bottled water companies around the world. Recently Aquathin launched two projects several years in the making: for Authorized Aquathin Dealers to provide total home air and water security; and for “Sweetwater” water dispensing sites, with Texaco as a prominent client in the Caribbean.

Much of this success results from Aquathin’s ties with the OU. In 1992 Aquathin became the first manufacturer of water treatment equipment to receive kosher certification and it chose to do so through Orthodox Union. Mitchell Lipshultz recognized that there was a substantial domestic market for kosher certified products, and that in order to establish a base in Middle East and Muslim nations, kosher certification would be an extraordinary addition to company’s already impressive resume of achievements.

Domestic dealers are trained at “Aquathin University” to understand the benefits of kosher certification and that such certification appears on the labels of high quality products wherever food is sold. During several Aquathin University classes, OU rabbis have been present, leading students to remark that they found their presence to be astonishing, moving and noteworthy. Aquathin Corp. USA is a member of the Florida Department of Agriculture’s “Kosher From Florida” and “Fresh From Florida” marketing programs.

The Lipshultz Family is delighted with Aquathin’s ties to the Orthodox Union and is pleased to receive the OU’s congratulations on the firm’s Silver Anniversary and its longstanding commitment to excellence and water quality.

OU Kosher Staff