OU Companies Speak

What a Difference a Year Makes: Jelly Belly Grows with the OU

Since Jelly Belly Candy Company converted its entire 190 confectionery delights to become OU kosher certified in 2008, the company has seen whole new markets open. “It’s a sweet world,” reports Herman Rowland, Sr., chairman of the board and fourth generation candy man.

Blended To Perfection: Hero Expands its Kosher Fruit Spread Offerings By Launching Three New Blended

OCALA, FL – Hero Preserves, a part of Hero/Beech-Nut Nutrition, is introducing a new line of Premium Fruit Spreads that are certified kosher by the Orthodox Union, a highly recognized and valued symbol of kosher certification.

No Surprise at Symrise: OU Certification is an Important Part of Business at one of the Leading Makers of Fragrances and Flavorings

Today’s consumers are increasingly demanding food that, in addition to tasting good, is also healthy and affordable. This poses a tremendous challenge to the food industry – a challenge that becomes still more sophisticated when kosher requirements are introduced into the equation.

Lucid’s Lucid Decision: To Seek OU Certification to Satisfy the Kosher Market for its Genuine Absinthe

Lucid Absinthe, the first genuine absinthe to be legal for import and sale in the United States in over 95 years, has acquired kosher certification from the Orthodox Union. After receiving enormous interest in Lucid from consumers who keep kosher, and committed to serving that segment of the market, Viridian Spirits, owners of Lucid, contacted the OU to determine whether Lucid would qualify for the certification. The company was delighted to learn that all of its existing processes and ingredients already were sufficient to achieve Orthodox Union’s hallowed seal.

In Fine Spirits: Chicago’s First Artisan Distillery is OU Kosher and Organic

Koval is a Yiddish word for ‘blacksmith’ or ‘to forge,” but the term has also been used to refer to someone who does something out of the ordinary, or a “black sheep in the family.” It is thus fitting that Sonat Birnecker Hart and Robert Birnecker chose to name their company Koval, since it is not every day that one hears of a Professor of Jewish Studies and a Foreign Deputy Press Secretary leaving their careers to make spirits. Indeed they named the company after Sonat’s great-grandfather, a renegade in his own right, who left Vienna at the turn of the century for Chicago at the age of 17, in search of a new way of life, much to the dismay of his parents and gratitude of later generations, earning him the soubriquet, Koval.

Glatech Productions’ Kolatin®: Real Gelatin. Real Kosher.

It’s not often that a company is founded by someone who is a renowned kashrut expert. Yet, that was exactly the case with Glatech Productions. The company, founded by the legendary Rabbi Shimon Eider, a trailblazer in kashrut, manufactures a truly unique gelatin marketed as Kolatin®.
Unique gelatin? Aren’t all gelatins basically the same? What is in fact so special about Kolatin®?

Cheryl&Co., With its OU Certification, Strives to be the Best Gourmet Food and Gift Company, Ever

It was 1981, that our founder, Cheryl Krueger, with the help of her college roommate, Caryl Walker, started Cheryl&Co. It was her desire from the beginning to create the best gourmet food and gift company. We are pleased to say that what began as a single cookie store in Columbus, Ohio, has evolved into a multi-million dollar business. But, as successful as we’ve become, it is still our goal to focus on offering delicious, high-quality baked goods, unique gift ideas and outstanding customer service.
Armed with just $40,000, a business degree and seven years of retail industry experience, Cheryl opened the very first Cheryl’s Cookie store at a time when banks were nervous about lending to women-owned businesses.

At Premier Bakers, They Are Passionate About Their OU-Certified English Muffins

At Premier Bakers Inc., we are passionate about English muffins, and not just your ordinary plain English muffin. At Premier Bakers we make fifteen different types of English muffins (and growing). It all began in February of 2005 when Premier Bakers was acquired by Fresh Start Bakeries, a California company and a global supplier of top quality
baked products.

That David is One Smart Cookie

From the humble beginnings of a lone storefront in Manhattan to the present day of three rapidly growing, bustling plants, David’s Cookies has been a trend-setting icon in the gourmet food industry since its opening in 1979.

There’ll be a Hot Time in the Old Town (Cartagena de Indias) Tonight: Amazon Pepper Sauces

Comexa Foods is the producer of the world-renowned Amazon Peppers brand of sauces, located in the old world city of Cartagena de Indias. Bathed in the sun and by the warm clear waters of the Caribbean Sea, the rich Colombian soil produces a wide range of peppers which our group has been cultivating and processing industrially in large quantities for the world market since 1992.