OU Companies Speak

Van Drunen Farms: Commitment to Quality for More than a Century

For More Than One Hundred Years the Van Drunen family has been committed to quality. From the selection of the finest raw ingredients to the processing, packaging and shipping of each product, Van Drunen Farms strives to provide ingredients with the best flavor, color and texture. Our fruits, vegetables, herbs, grains, dairy and other ingredients are produced to flavor, enhance and create today’s food products.

Sugar Flowers Plus: When A Wedding Becomes An Even Greater Celebration

Welcome to Sugar Flowers Plus’s Garden of Eden, where you will find our magnificent collection of orchids, roses, and bouquets. Our decorative flowers look so real, you may find yourself smelling them or have the inclination to water them (although if you try that, you may end up with syrup).

Michelman: Your One Source For True Kosher Packaging, With OU Quality Assured

Think about the actual packaging materials that hold the products we see on grocery shelves every day… produce, fish, meat, dairy, bakery items, nuts, snack foods, candy, canned foods and beverages. All are packaged primarily with freshness, protection, consumer appeal and convenience in mind.

Case Studies: Michelman – Keeping Ahead of the Game

Food contact applications aren’t exactly the “bread and butter” of kosher certified products.They aren’t designed to get “shmeared” on a bagel, nor do they go particularly well with gefilte fish.What does a company like Michelman gain from OU certification?

Michigan Dessert Corporation

Our company is a custom developer and manufacturer of specialty dry mix products for major restaurant chains and food processors in the United States and overseas. Richard Elias and Gary Freeman have owned and managed the company since 1983 and have seen a tremendous growth in customer base and product variety. We are based in […]

OU KOSHER Bringing Boom For Business & Consistent Quality To Consumers

IF THE 70’S ADAGE, “you are what you eat” still holds true, we’re all becoming one big kosher world. Ever since the Biblical commandment to the Jewish nation over three thousand years ago, keeping kosher has remained a vigilant way of life for millions of Jews. But who could have predicted that kosher food production […]

An Axelrod To Grind At The OU

WOLF AXELROD began the Axelrod Company in 1896 by establishing a retail store and wholesale distribution business on Madison Street on Manhattan’s Lower East Side. As the business expanded, Axelrod began to manufacture more dairy products in small “cheese factories” in upstate New York, along the Canadian side of the St. Lawrence River. Each factory […]

Organic Valley Dairy Cooperative: Independent And Farmer-Owned

ORGANIC VALLEY is one of America’s leading national organic brands and is the nation’s largest independent and farmer-owned organic dairy cooperative. Organized in 1988, Organic Valley boasts 689 certified organic farmer/owners in 20 states. It owes its success to two pivotal guiding principles. The first is staying independent and true to its mission: keeping small […]

Stonyfield Farms: An OU Rabbi’s Dream Company

In my periodic visits to Stonyfield Farms over the years, I cannot help noticing the remarkable growth of the manufacturing facility and the impressive expansion of the product line with creative new yogurt products. Fortunately, while the company grew, it also maintained the wholesome nature of its products and continued to develop and produce yogurt […]

Leaving No Stone Unturned At… Stonyfield Farm

WHEN a certifying rabbi first paid a visit to Stonyfield Farm, he tramped through the mud of rural New Hampshire to do it. He also got somewhat lost. That was back in 1984 when the yogurt company consisted of “seven cows and a good yogurt recipe.” Stonyfield Farm was located in rural Wilton, New Hampshire […]