OU Companies Speak

Hello Dolly (Madison) – The Cold Facts About Kosher Ice Cream

Ice Cream is an age-old Dessert Favorite. Historical annals and popular anecdotes date the invention or discovery of ice cream (or something like it!) back thousands of years.

Duncan Hines Announces That Cake Mixes Will Once Again Be Certified Pareve

Duncan Hines, The Man, was a traveling salesman turned food critic. Duncan’s passion for baked goods evolved into hundreds of products, including cake mixes. Today, Duncan Hines is a leading maker of cake, brownie, muffin, dessert kits and cookie mixes, and ready-to-serve frostings. Duncan Hines is owned by Pinnacle Foods Group, Inc., a leading producer, marketer and distributor of high-quality branded food products in the frozen foods and dry foods segments.

At Dreyer’s They Know, OU is the Symbol that Sells

Earning the prized packaging symbol declaring OU kosher certification can be a daunting challenge and a rigorous process for a business as complex as Dreyer’s Grand Ice Cream, Inc. At Dreyer’s, the product line is extensive, the ingredient list is long, suppliers are many, and products are made at six plants in five states. But Dreyer’s knows that once it has earned the right to apply the OU symbol to its packaging, consumers will take note. And, when consumers take note, so too do grocery stores buyers.

A Honey of a Story – How Tropical Blossom Went from a Backwoods Cabin to Worldwide Sales

The Tropical Blossom Honey Co. begins in 1937, when David and Helen McGinnis moved from the mountains of West Virginia to the coast of Central Florida. Living with David’s uncle in a backwoods cabin with no running water or electricity, David learned beekeeping in order to increase pollination in the family’s citrus groves and to provide a little honey for their table. The beehives thrived in Florida’s subtropical climate; soon there was enough surplus that Helen started bottling the golden harvest, and the couple sold the jars to tourist outlets in nearby Daytona Beach.

Hoffman Chocolates: From the Florida Tropics Comes a Really Hot Product

Amid the usual pastel stucco architecture of tropical South Florida, stands a charming Tudor-style building that is home to some of the finest confections in the world. Hoffman’s Chocolates was established in 1975 when Paul Hoffman purchased the furniture and fixtures from Dolly’s, a small candy shop in downtown Lake Worth. After sixteen years as an engineer for Pratt & Whitney Aircraft Company, Paul decided to own a business in which he and his family could work together.

A Honey Tree Grows in Michigan

HoneyTree has an 87-year heritage in the honey industry. Our 130,000-square foot facility in Onsted, Michigan is centrally located to serve the entire nation. HoneyTree markets a full line of honey products to the retail and food service as well as the industrial market.

V Chocolates: Loving Life as an OU Company

Ron Best has been making fine chocolates for 25 years, and friends say he has chocolate running through his veins. Five years ago, he found himself out of the chocolate business and selling insurance. It didn’t take long for the love of candy-making to pull him back into the business. In late 2004, Ron teamed with some friends and formed V Chocolates, to specialize in fine toffees, caramels and truffles.

Madelaine Chocolates: The Gourmet Chocolate for (OU) Kosher Consumers

For over half a century, Madelaine has been satisfying Americans’ cravings for high quality chocolate with incredibly delicious, premium chocolate, molded into a wide variety of highly detailed, foiled shapes, and a wide assortment of chocolate covered confections.

Bodek Kosher Produce: First in the Kosher Vegetable Revolution

So You’re Looking For An Easy Salad? No problem. Rip open a bag of lettuce, add dressing, and voilà – you’ve got your salad. Want something more exotic? Try the freezer section – broccoli, cauliflower, asparagus, frozen strawberries – all strictly kosher and ready to use. No big deal, you think. Couldn’t be easier.

Family Values Make Sally Sherman Foods a Salad Lover’s Delight

American Has A Soft Spot for entrepreneurs and family operations. But make no mistake: the reputation of Sally Sherman Foods goes far deeper than a sentimental nod to the passage of two generations of leadership.With continued growth over the last half century, the strength of this family-owned business (the Endico family retains ownership) is that it functions as one big family.