The Quest For Perfection At Sarabeth’s Kitchen

Sarabeth’s Kitchen is a multi-faceted company that produces a gourmet line of highly acclaimed jams and preserves. The OU certification is proudly proclaimed in all its literature.

Sarabeth's KitchenIt is perfection that Sarabeth is after in everything she makes. Ever since she brought her grandmother’s secret marmalade recipe (considered by many to be the world’s best) to life in 1980, Sarabeth knows that everything she sells has to be perfect. Sarabeth’s personal search for perfection in food extends to every jar of her award-winning “Legendary Spreadable Fruit.”

The fruits are hand cut to avoid bruising and to preserve their natural flavor and texture. They are slowly simmered in small batches and allowed to thicken without the use of pectin, until they reach their peak of flavor. Over the years, Sarabeth has creatively developed a number of delicious flavors in her Spreadable Fruit line, using only the finest of ingredients. Each is rich in complex tastes that satisfy the most discerning of palates. They are natural, less sweet and lower in calories than ordinary preserves.

It was only natural that when Sarabeth’s Kitchen decided to acquire kosher certification that it selected the Orthodox Union, considered to be the most highly regarded agency for kosher supervision. And over the years since Sarabeth’s acquired the OU certification, its faith in the quality and efficacy of the Orthodox Union’s conduct of their operations, has been proven time and time again. The courteous and efficient rabbis conduct their meticulous inspection of our facilities in a professional manner, generating confidence that any product carrying the OU label adheres strictly to kosher requirements.

Sarabeth’s Kitchen has found that not only does the OU certification engender sales to kosher outlets throughout the United States, but the perception of quality attributed to kosher products also encourages purchases by all consumers. It is the company’s intention to continue to target the kosher customer as it appears to be an ever increasing number.

OU Kosher Staff