OU Companies Speak

Buencafe, 100% Colombian Freeze Dried Coffee, Has Grounds to Celebrate its Great Success

Since 1927 the National Federation of Coffee Growers of Colombia, a non-profit organization, has represented the interests of more than 500,000 coffee growers in different areas through the commercialization process. One of the steps taken to increase the awareness of 100 percent Colombian Coffee® was to develop one of the most advanced plants manufacturing Freeze Dried Coffee in the world. Buencafe®, formerly Freeze Dried Coffee, has been helping not only the most demanding customers in the industry to build brands and products for more than 35 years, but works to improve the livelihood of the community of coffee growers.

The Babies Choice Kosherization Awards

Babies throughout the United States cooed contentedly and threw their pacifiers in tribute to the outstanding individuals of the Gerber facilities of Fort Smith, Arkansas and Fremont, Michigan, whose dedicated efforts have been recognized at the Babies Choice Kosherization Awards. Through the hard work of these people, who facilitated the kosherization of the Gerber plants, millions of babies can now sink their gums into the company’s quality line of fruits and vegetables. The mention of each group’s accomplishments was met with outbursts of pureed emotion, and the apple juice spilled freely at the post-awards nap.

At Twin Rivers Technologies, OU Kosher Glycerin is Now in Production

Twin Rivers Technologies was founded in 1994 by Jim Ricci. With his background in energy, Mr. Ricci had built and owned “waste to energy” incinerators for several years in the North Shore area of Massachusetts. In 1994, Mr. Ricci was looking to expand his involvement in the energy industry with biodiesel production. The technology at […]

All in a Day’s Work (Actually Many Days): Twin Rivers and Kosherization

All in a Day’s Work (Actually, Many Days): Twin Rivers and OU Kosher Rabbis Make a Very Complex Kosherization a Reality

Good News for Gluten-Free Consumers: Now You Can Have Your Cake and Eat it Too!

Although it’s a well-known truth that “man cannot live by bread alone,” only in recent years has the food industry discovered that many people can’t even subsist on bread. According to the Gluten Intolerance Group (GIG), over two million Americans (one out of every 133) suffer from celiac sprue disease, an autoimmune disorder marked by […]

At Kingsburg Orchards, Kosher Coatings Make Their Fruits Peachy Keen

An OU employee, let’s call him Chaim, recently called me during his recent trip out west. “Rabbi,” he asked, “I’m standing here in the produce section of a Walmart in Nevada. And I see peaches that have a sticker with an OU on it. Is this for real?” “Yes,” I replied, knowing that we had […]

Fortitech Holds the Fort in Providing High-Quality, Kosher Nutrient Premixes for Key Industries

So many people today are looking for food and beverage products that offer health benefits beyond ‘fat-free’ and ‘reduced sugar.’ If you go into any supermarket, almost every aisle is filled with products whose labels claim that they address a variety of health conditions ranging from cardiovascular issues — ‘heart healthy nutrients’ — to digestive […]

The Olives of Seville: Loreto Specialty Foods S.L. from the South of Spain

The Olives of Seville: Loreto Specialty Foods S.L. from the South of Spain, Supplies OU Certified Olives to Worldwide Market, Including United States

La Morella Nuts Provides Ingredients for Recipes that are Both Tasty and Healthful

La Morella Nuts was established in 1986 to take advantage of the precious raw materials — hazelnuts and almonds — that come to us from our surrounding fields. We are based in a hazelnut region in Reus, Spain, and from the very beginning we have learned how to carefully treat each type, origin and variety […]

Mario ® Camacho Foods Merges Seville with Omaha with Quality and Safety as the Goals

As of January 1, 2008, Mario Olive Company and A. Camacho Inc. joined forces creating a company with even greater capabilities, Mario® Camacho Foods. This privately owned, independent company is a joint venture between Westin Foods of Omaha, Nebraska, a family owned producer of high-quality, value-added protein products in the United States, and Angel Camacho […]