Company Profiles

A Pizza Success Story: Bake It, And They Will Come

The history of Mendelsohn’s Pizza, the tri-state’s largest pizza store.

Dawn Food Products: Where Bakery Success Starts

Since out beginning in 1920 as a thriving bakery in Jackson, Michigan, we have grown to become one of the world’s largest full-service, family-owned bakery industry suppliers. Dawn is a single source supplier to the bakery and foodservice industry providing a complete
range of mixes, bases, icings, fillings, frozen and ready-to-bake
products, ready-to-sell products and equipment, plus commodities, packaging, ingredients – literally everything one needs to run a profitable bakery. We know “Bakery” – it’s all we do, and we do it with 14 manufacturing facilities and 19 distribution centers in North America. We are American-owned and operated to provide friendly local service to our customers through 46 manufacturing and distribution locations worldwide. Visit our website at to contact one of our 2,600 employees near you.
All our North American production facilities are certified kosher, the majority by our OU partnership that began in 1985. We have never had a customer’s rabbi reject OU certification.

Water+Vitamins+Nutrients+OU KOSHER=Vitaminwater!

Vitaminwater is produced by Energy Brands Inc., which was formed in 1996 to create biologically better water so that all consumers can feel
good about what they drink. The company’s core product, Vitaminwater, was introduced in 2,000, pioneered its category, and continues to remain the leader in the enhanced water category today.

Not A Bolt From The Blue: Bolthouse Farms

When Bolthouse Farms Opened a Juice Product Line, It Called on the OU

No Shortcuts For This Shortbread

In 1898 JOSEPH WALKER lived with his family in the beautiful highlands of Scotland and had a happy and ambitious dream of producing the finest shortbread in the world. Though only 21 years old, he set about with determination to develop nothing less than a recipe that would result in a perfect and delicious, all natural shortbread.

The Quest For Perfection At Sarabeth’s Kitchen

Sarabeth’s Kitchen is a multi-faceted company that produces a gourmet line of highly acclaimed jams and preserves. The OU certification is proudly proclaimed in all its literature.

Baumer Foods, New Orleans, LA

A discussion of the manufacture of Grape Jelly and how one company has been able to use recent changes to expand their manufacture of Kosher Grape Jelly.

OU Joins Aquathin Corp. USA’s Silver Anniversary Celebration

IN 2005 the Aquathin Corp. USA will celebrate its Silver Anniversary,
and among those wishing the firm a Happy Anniversary is the Orthodox Union, given the close working relationship they share.

Erie Foods International

The history of Erie Foods International began in 1938. In the beginning, the company produced industrial casein for the adhesive, paint and textile industries. Later, it was the first firm to domestically convert casein to sodium caseinate for non-dairy applications such as coffee whiteners and whipped toppings. Since the company’s expansion from the industrial casein markets in the 60’s and 70’s, the Orthodox Union has been part of our growth.

Bumble Bee Seafoods: A Kosher Tradition

Today, Bumble Bee® is an integrated seafood company with approximately $750 million in annual revenues and a wholly owned subsidiary of ConAgra Foods, Inc.—one of the world’s largest branded food companies. Each of their brands proudly bears the OU symbol of quality, a certification that goes back for decades. “We are proud of our long-standing relationship with the OU, as we know that its symbol is a critical measure of quality for our consumers.“