Karoun Dairies: String Cheese to Specialty Yogurts

Founded in 1992, Karoun Dairies is proud of its heritage as a family-run business established to fulfill the family’s American dream of producing dairy. The company has continued to grow from its early days of creating hand-braided string cheese for local grocery stores to its current status of producing a wide variety of Mediterranean specialty yogurts, labne and sour cream with nationwide distribution.

“We take great pride in manufacturing the most delicious, best quality natural yogurts and labne on the market at our state-of-the art award-winning plant,” said Rostom Baghdassarian, Chief Executive Officer. “We believe that the products we make and the people who make them are very special.”

All Karoun’s yogurt products (yogurt, labne, kefir cheese and sour cream) are certified OU Kosher. Karoun sought OU certification for four important reasons, Mr. Baghdassanian explained.

  • “As our distribution grew the demand for kosher dairy products grew as well. To satisfy the demand for kosher product we sought OU certification.”
  • “We were able to penetrate market segments nationwide that were closed to us before obtaining OU kosher certification.”
  • “As consumers are becoming more and more concerned about food safety, the OU symbol gives them independent, impartial reassurance about the quality of that product.”
  • “OU certification differentiates us from our competitors who do not have kosher certification or whose certification is unknown or unacceptable to the consumer. “

All of Karoun’s natural yogurts are created at its state-of-the-art Turlock, California facility. “We do not rush production. “We provide enough time for the cultures to develop a clean and natural flavor,” Mr. Baghdassanian explained.

All Karoun yogurt and labne products contain live active and probiotic cultures. Studies have shown that yogurt may help maintain a healthy balance for improved digestion, boost the immune system and alleviate sleep disorders.

Serving the Mediterranean, Indian, Middle Eastern, Hispanic and natural markets using old country methods and family recipes, Karoun is proud to share delicious new options for a healthy and flavorful approach to cooking and eating. Karoun’s yogurt and labne products are made strictly with fresh rBST growth hormone free Real California Milk. This insures that Karoun’s products retain the traditional qualities necessary in a healthy Mediterranean diet, a diet rich in nutritious all-natural yogurts.

As the company has continued to grow, Karoun Dairies’ commitment to quality and customer service has not diminished. Karoun’s manufacturing plant has received a Gold certificate from Siliker Labs and has implemented HACCP and strong quality control standards. Ninety-two awards won at United States and World Championships attest to the unsurpassed quality of Karoun’s Dairies’ dedication to excellence in quality and service.

Visit http://www.karouncheese.com.

OU Kosher Staff