OU and Fortitech: A Mutually Fortifying Relationship

The Talmud teaches us that the more contact a person has with another individual, the knowledge of that individual increases substantially. This certainly applies to an OU rabbinic coordinator’s relationship with a company. As a seasoned RC, I’ve had the privilege of cultivating close relationships with more than 200 companies; Fortitech Inc. is one for which I feel a particular affinity. Due to the almost daily contact with Fortitech, I can personally attest to its expertise, organization, professionalism and commitment to providing the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries with the finest in custom nutrient premixes available.

Not a day or two passes without the OU receiving at least one ingredient application, new product application, or correspondence from Fortitech’s efficient staff, led by Todd Redding of Schenectady, NY (may he have a speedy recovery), as well as Art Darien in Ontario, CA, and Jette Vesterli in Gadstrup, Denmark, with Dr. Ram Chaudhari at the helm. The OU presently certifies two of Fortitech’s plants in Schenectady (RFR, Rabbi Moshe Bomzer); Ontario (RFR Rabbi Yossie Bodenstien); and a European plant in Gadstrup (RFR Rabbi Yitzchok Sterling). Once an application is received, it is carefully reviewed and in most cases a letter of certification is issued the same day.

Food Industry Jumps on Outsourcing Wagon

Situated in lower Manhattan, OU headquarters is just two blocks away from Wall Street. For the past few years, the “buzz word” in the financial arena has been “outsourcing,” a process in which companies contract services – not part of their core business, but necessary for their operation – to businesses that specialize in these services, thereby saving the company time, money and headaches.

Outsourcing also plays a vital role in the food industry. As the world grows more health conscious, government regulations grow more complex and demanding while the number of available nutrients is constantly expanding. Consequently, the need arose for a company that could not only develop but also produce and supply optimum nutrient premixes. Fortitech serves as a first-rate one-stop source, supplying all of the fortifications a company needs, thus allowing the food producer to concentrate on his core business.

Fortitech boasts an experienced research staff, an extensive inventory and an efficient supply system that continually saves companies time and cost. To date, Fortitech offers over 5,000 OU certified products (some having Passover certification), affording the OU and its valued client ample opportunities to increase our knowledge about one another as we fortify our ongoing, mutually-rewarding relationship.

OU Kosher Staff