Daf ha-kashrus

CHaNaN Lach B’Lach

by Rabbi Eli Gersten The Mordechai (Chulin 697) writes that we do not say Chaticha na’ases neveila regarding sha’rissurim lach b’lach. Only when a chaticha (solid) absorbs issur, do we say that because of its chashivus, the entire mass is transformed into issur. But if liquid heter and issur are combined, the issur will remain […]

Kashering Pipes Properly

by Rabbi Simcha Smolensky, Senior RFR I’ve thought many times about the fluid dynamic physics of product (i.e., oil, chocolate, anything liquid) as well as water (as is used for kashering) moving through pipes. We typically kasher pipes by pumping boiling water through them. Thinking about the physics of this movement, there are a few […]


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Steam Heating – Lo Basi Ela L’Orer

by Rabbi Eli Gersten Although the term “kli rishon” conjures up in our minds a picture of a pot sitting on a flame, in reality in most modern industrial settings the kli rishon refers to a vessel that is heated by steam. Whether it be through steam jacketed kettles, direct steam injection, or hot air […]

ELUL 5774-TISHREI 5775/ SEPT.- OCT. 2014

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Daf Hakashrus Yomim Noraim 5775 – Consumer Edition

• Shofar at the Heat Exchanger, A Story of Mesiras Nefesh for Kashrus • Practical Shemittah


A true-life story of present day Mesiras Nefesh for Kashrus By Rabbi Yitzchok Gallor, RFR, Seattle, Washington On the night of Rosh HaShanah, as you walk home from Shul with your precious children by your side, you reflect upon the tranquility of Yom Tov. You imagine with great anticipation the scene at your home…the L’Shana […]

Practical Shemittah

by Rabbi Dovid Bistricer, Rabbinic Coordinator Every seven years, we have a special opportunity in eretz Yisroel to fulfill the mitzvah of shemittah. During this sabbatical year, agricultural fields are not worked, while fruits and vegetables become public property. According to the sefer Hachinuch[1], laying the lands fallow is an affirmation that one’s sustenance is […]

Lo Basi Ela L’Orer: ZEIYA

By Rabbi Eli Gersten Shulchan Aruch (Y.D. 123:24) says that wine alcohol which was distilled from stam yaynam remains assur b’hanah just like the wine itself.  Although the alcohol is just the collected zeiya (vapors) from the wine, zeiya of issur retains its status. Similarly, Shulchan Aruch (Y.D. 92:8) writes that zeiya that emanates from […]

TAMMUZ 5774/ JULY 2014

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