Daf ha-kashrus

TAMMUZ 5775/JULY 2015

• Inspecting Dried Fruits for Insects • Gezeira Shema Chayis • Jewish-Owned Bakeries • Kashrus Alert

Inspecting Dried Fruits for Insects

A possible kashrus issue that arises with dried fruits is the presence of insects. The Rambam [1] writes that before consumption, there is an obligation to check fruits or vegetables that might harbor insects while attached to the ground. Nevertheless, once twelve months have elapsed post-harvest, the fruit or vegetable may be eaten without checking beforehand. […]

Gezeira Shema Chayis – Lo Basi Ela L’Orer

The Gemara (Pesachim 30b) says that a clay oven, which is regularly filled with coals, may be kashered for Pesach by filling it with coals. We are not concerned that it might crack, since this is its normal use. However, Chazal made a gezeira that clay pots and dishes may not be kashered in this manner. […]

Jewish Owned Bakeries – Lo Basi Ela L’Orer

The Tur (Y.D. 112) writes that dough which is owned by a Yisroel but is baked by a non-Jew becomes forbidden like bishul akum. This would mean that it would not have any of the leniencies of pas akum. For example, even if pas Yisroel is unavailable, this bread would still be forbidden. Shulchan Aruch […]

SIVAN 5775/JUNE 2015

• Bishul on Shabbos – Part II: Flavored Nescafe Coffee • What’s the bracha on… PRINGLES • Kashering the Jacket of a Ben Yomo Kettle – Lo Basi Ela L’Orer • Mail… Kashrus Alert…. Mazal tov…

Kashering the Jacket of a Ben Yomo Kettle – Lo Basi Ela L’Orer

Mechaber (Y.D. 103:7) writes that if water is cooked in a basar b’chalav pot while it is still a ben yomo, not only does the water become assur, but we restart counting the 24 hours [1] . Rema extends this halacha to all issurim. The reasoning for this is because there is a new bliya […]

What’s the bracha on… PRINGLES

What is the proper bracha for Pringles and other such foods that are primarily made from potato flakes and potato flour? Rav Belsky, Shlita said (see accompanying Teshuva), that originally Rav Moshe Feinstein zt”l held that on potato flakes one should say Shehakol. When potatoes are turned into powder, they lose their status as a […]

IYAR 5775/MAY 2015

• Milchigs and Fleishigs in the Oven • Bishul on Shabbos Part I: Table Salt • OU Kosher Kashrus Conference • Mail… Kashrus Alert…. Mazel Tov

Bishul on Shabbos Part I: Table Salt

Can a person, on shabbos, add table salt to a kli rishon off the fire, even if there are additives in the salt? Before answering the question about the additives, it is important to clarify whether salt itself, even if there are no additives, can be added to a kli rishon off the fire. The […]

Milchigs and Fleishigs in the Oven

It is common to be faced with questions regarding using an oven for both milchigs and fleishigs. Can I kasher the oven, or should I wait 24 hours? What about just covering the food? Shulchan Aruch (O.C. 509:5) says that one may kasher a griddle from milchig to fleishig with libun kal, even if it […]