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Daf Haskashrus Chanukah 5776 – Consumer Edition

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REMA (Y.D. 99:6) writes that if a kezayis of milk fell into sixty k’zeysim of water, and then some of that water fell into a pot of meat, the meat would be permitted. Shach (Y.D. 99:22) quotes Rema in Toras Chatas that in this case, since the milk became batul unintentionally, one may even <em>lichatchila</em> […]


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AV-ELUL 5775/AUGUST 2015

• Dairy Bread • Bishul on Shabbos Part III: Splenda • Remembering Reb Yoni Kantor • Ask OU’s First Kosher Meat Tour

Dairy Bread – Lo Basi Ela L’Orer

The Gemara (Pesachim 30a-b) writes that one may not knead dough with milk (or meat), out of concern that this may lead to eating milk and meat together, and if one did, the bread becomes forbidden. This halacha is brought in Shulchan Aruch (Y.D. 97:1). However, if only a small amount of milk was added, […]


In a previous Daf we explained that instant coffee, even flavored Nescafe, can be prepared in a kli sheini that is yad soledes bo. This is because when a food has been fully cooked before Shabbos – which is the case with flavored Nescafe – it is permissible to cook it in on Shabbos, provided […]

Yomim Noraim 5776 – consumer edition

• What could be wrong with…? • Cholov Yisroel: Unraveling the Mysteries -Part II

Cholov Yisroel: Unraveling The Mysteries – Part II

After all milking is completed and the milk in the farm’s holding tank or silo is ready to be shipped to a dairy processing plant, which will homogenize, pasteurize and bottle the milk, or will use the milk to manufacture cholov yisroel cheese, butter, ice cream or the like, the milk is loaded into a […]

TAMMUZ 5775/JULY 2015

• Inspecting Dried Fruits for Insects • Gezeira Shema Chayis • Jewish-Owned Bakeries • Kashrus Alert