Daf ha-kashrus

Shevat 5771/ January 2011

• Safety Concepts For Mashgichim By Rabbi Aron Mendelson • Let’s All Daven to Hashem. Really. By Rabbi Yosef Grossman • Lo Basi Ella L’orer – Grape Juice Concentrate By Rabbi Eli Gersten • Update To The OUD Cholov Yisroel List – Originally published In Daf Hakashrus Vol. 19, No. 3 • Update On Chalav…

Tevet 5771/ December 2010

• Lo Basi Ella L’orer – Creating Mirsas By Rabbi Eli Gersten • AKO Conference At OU Headquarters • Far Rockaway And The Five Towns – A Pictorial Essay • DNA Testing On Fish • Live Webinar On “Kosher Quality Assurance And Food Safety” • Boachem L’Shalom… • Kashrus Alert… • Important Alerts – Dairy…

Tevet 5771/ December 2010 – Supplement

• OU Cholov Yisroel Listing as of Kislev 5771 • Job Opportunity

Kislev 5771/ November 2010

• OU Kosher Consumer Hotline FAQ’s By Rabbi Dovid Polsky • Fundamental Guidelines For Commercial Vegetable Inspection – A Presentation to the 2010 ASK OU Internship Program By Rabbi Yosef Eisen • New Product – Old World Kosher Sausage • Mail • Please Note… • Mazel Tov… • Condolences…

Cheshvan 5771/ October 2010

• What’s The Beracha On…Odwalla Banana Nut Bar? By Rabbi Eli Gersten • Lo Basi Ella L’orer – Kavush By Rabbi Eli Gersten • Mail • Kashrus Alert • Condolences

Tishrei 5771/September 2010

• Juice Authentication By Rabbi Gavriel Price • Lo Basi Ella L’orer – Bitul Issur Lichatchila By Rabbi Eli Gersten • Pas Yisroel Products (As of Elul 5770) By Rabbi Yonatan Kaganoff • What’s The Beracha On… General Mills OU Cereals? • Mazel Tov… • Kashruth Alert • Mail • Tzaischem L’shalom • Uboachem L’shalom

Tishrei 5771/September 2010 – Supplement

Harry H. Beren ASK OU Training Special Supplement • ASK OU From An Educator’s Perspective By Dr. Dov Yitzchok Neal • It’s A Long Way To Study Kashrut By Stephen Steiner • ASK OU Training A Pictorial Essay

Av-Elul 5770/ July-August 2010

• Starter Culture For Pickling Cucumbers By Rabbi Gavriel Price • Getting Religious With Slaughter By Dr. Temple Grandin • Kashruth Alerts • Lo Basi Ella L’orer – Ain Mivatlin Issur Lichatchila By Rabbi Eli Gersten • Tomintoul Announces OU Certification – Single Malt Whisky from the Scottish Highlands • Boachem L’shalom – Rabbi Eli…

Tammuz 5770 / June 2010

• Parasites in Fish By Rabbi Dovid Bistricer • Alcohol Beverage Alert • Kashering of HTST/Plate Pasteurizers By Rabbi Avrohom Gordimer • Lo Basi Ella L’orer – Being Pogem Water By Rabbi Eli Gersten • Glenmorangie Announces OU Certification – Scotland’s Favorite Single Malt Scotch Goes Kosher • Cholov Stam: An Update From the Farm…

Sivan 5770 / May 2010

• OU Kosher Oil Manual Sets Industry Standards • Gatorade Partners with Orthodox Union • A Package Deal: New “Active Packaging” is Another Consideration in Kosher Certification by Rabbi Gavriel Price • Kashruth Alert • Mazal Tov to… • “How to Kasher” dvd • Mizmor Shir Liyom Hashabbos • New OU Kosher DVD explains “What’s…

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