Daf ha-kashrus


• Fish Gelatin • Kosher Protocol for Receiving Liquid Bulk Commodities • Kashering Synthetic Materials • OU Passover 2014 Wrap Up: Shared Effort, Big Numbers • Mazel tovs, Kashrus Advisories, Kosher Alerts… • What’s the Bracha on Soups I  

Daf HaKashrus Shavuos 5774 – Consumer Edition

• Waiting After Eating Hard Cheese • Why is there no OU-DE symbol? • Playing with Fire-Part II • Did you know? – Chalav Yisrael

Did You Know?

The OU certifies over 800 Cholov Yisroel products. If a product is OU Cholov Yisroel, it will bear an OUD symbol and the words Cholov Yisroel, חלב ישראל or Mehadrin, מהדרין on the packaging. The OUD symbol on a product without the words Cholov Yisroel, חלב ישראל or Mehadrin, מהדרין indicates that the product is […]

Playing with Fire – Part II

by Rabbi Yaakov Luban, Executive Rabbinic Coordinator, OU Kosher  Daf Notes: The excellent article by Rabbi Luban entitled “Playing with Fire” was originally published in The Daf HaKashrus Vol. 3, No. 6, P. 24. It is reprinted here with slight modifications. In Part I, Rabbi Luban discussed the Halachic background for the prohibition of Bishul Akum. […]

NISAN 5774 / APRIL 2014

• Spray Coolers • A Review of the Railcar Lining Process • Grandfathers • Lo Basi Ela L’Orer: Achriyus Chametz • DIRTFT – Part 2 • What’s the Bracha on… Fruits & Nuts • Mazel Tov, Condolences, Kashrus Alert…

ADAR II 5774/ MARCH 2014

•  Quinoa Now OU-P Certified •  OU-P: What’s New for 2014 •  Beyond Potatoes: Meet the Chief Rabbi of Idaho Falls •  DIRTFT “Do It Right The First Time” – by Rabbi Avraham Juravel – Part 1 •  What’s the Beracha on… Desserts & Snacks •  Kashrus Alerts… •  Harry H. Beren ASK OU Global […]

Daf HaKashrus Purim 5774 – Consumer Edition

• The Daf • Sherry Casks • Playing with Fire – Part I Daf HaKashrus has always been a very specialized publication. With a circulation of 3,000 and published ten times a year, it is intended primarily for OU Kosher rabbis in the field, advanced students in kosher law, and for those whose knowledge of […]

ADAR I 5774 / FEBRUARY 2014

• Sushi and Bishul Akum • Mail… • Lo Basi Ela L’Orer: Sofo L’Hispashet • What’s the Beracha on Dairy/ Dairy Foods • What’s Missing? • Electronic Inspection Reports (EIRS) • Daf Notes… • Mazel tov… • ASK OU Skype


• What’s Missing – by Rabbi Gavriel Price •  Rope Walker, The Legend – by Rabbi Ranaan Broderick •  What’s the Beracha on… Beverages •  Mazel Tov… •  ASK OU OUTREACH – Cong. Beis Torah, Suffern, NY •  Publications: I Am Your Servant, The Life of Rabbi Yosef Tendler •  Condolences…

TEVET 5774/ DEC 2013

• OU Guidelines for Kosherization of Railcars • Synopsis of OU Kosher Whey Plant Inspection Webinar • AKO Hosted by the OU • Lo Basi Ela L’Orer: Bishul Akum, Methods of Cooking • Mazel Tov… •  Condolences… •  OU Assignments Information Part II •  Mail… •  Boachem Leshalom: Rabbi Zvi Nussbaum • What’s the Beracha On… […]