Maximizing Brand Trust with OU Symbol Visibility

Global Recognition and Diverse Appeal 

The OU Kosher certification symbol is globally recognized, signifying adherence to kosher dietary laws while representing a commitment to quality, safety, and consumer trust. This certification is highly sought after, extending its appeal far beyond kosher diets to consumers with dietary preferences that include gluten-free, dairy-free, and vegan. The rigorous supervision provided by OU Kosher certification often exceeds the standards set by government regulatory agencies, offering an extra layer of assurance to consumers about the integrity and safety of their food choices. 

Testimonials from Industry Leaders 

Hanover Foods: Visibility and Consumer Convenience

Hanover Foods has strategically ensured the OU symbol is prominently displayed on their packaging. Russel Smith, VP of Retail Sales and Marketing, emphasized the symbol’s importance for brand visibility, stating, “It’s always on the front panel or the front of the bag… It doesn’t make sense to have OU on the back of a can, so a consumer has to turn it around to see it.” This approach underscores the ease with which consumers can identify kosher-certified products, enhancing brand loyalty and preference by making kosher certification a clear and accessible feature.

Dreyer’s Grand Ice Cream: Commitment to Inclusivity

Dreyer’s Grand Ice Cream showcases the value of OU Kosher certification in addressing a wide array of consumer needs. Ed Trujillo, Dreyer’s Kosher Champion and Regulatory Compliance Manager recalled that when Dreyer’s bought The Skinny Cow® product line in 2004. “They’d been certified by a different rabbinical agency, and because we wanted to keep all Dreyer’s products with one agency, we migrated the products to OU. It offers the most internationally accepted seal of approval. Kosher consumers trust it – they know the rigor and supervision that stand behind the label.”

The Greek Gods Yogurt: Commitment to Quality 

The Greek Gods Yogurt, upon obtaining OU certification, affirmed its commitment to quality and compliance, noting that the certification ensures “the brand adheres to the highest standards of kosher compliance,” appealing to consumers who value dietary adherence and product quality. 

Bakery on Main: A Case of Expanding Markets 

Reflecting on the significance of OU certification, the late Michael Smulders, founder of Bakery on Main, emphasized its value by stating, “Offering kosher products under the supervision of the premier certification agency allows consumers who keep kosher, vegetarian, and halal to have confidence that Bakery On Main’s products are safe for them.” This broadened their consumer base and underscored the OU symbol as a mark of unparalleled quality. 

Better Made Snack Foods: Enhancing Brand Appeal 

Better Made Snack Foods, reflecting on the importance of OU certification, stated, “Receiving kosher certification was an important step for Better Made… it assures our customers that our products meet the highest standards of kosher law.” This acknowledgment highlights the certification’s role in enhancing brand appeal and market presence. 

Snack to the Future: Keeping Brands Relevant

“Snack to the Future” addresses the evolving landscape of consumer preferences and the dynamic role of OU Kosher certification in helping brands stay relevant and compliant, ensuring products meet the highest standards of kosher certification. 

Copacking Solutions and Flexibility 

SOS Copacking Solutions: Meeting Unique Needs 

SOS Copacking Solutions highlights the importance of flexibility and customization under the OU Kosher certification, with a focus on meeting the “strictest standards of quality and kosher certification.” Their dedication ensures that every product produced is compliant with kosher laws, reflecting a commitment to uniqueness and consumer trust. 

Tulkoff Food Products: A Testament to Compliance 

Tulkoff Food Products views its OU Kosher certification as a testament to quality and compliance, stating, “Our OU Kosher certification is a testament to our commitment to meeting the diverse needs of our customers,” showcasing their dedication to high standards of product integrity. 

Steuben Foods and Elmhurst Dairy: Specializing in Liquid Foods 

Steuben Foods and Elmhurst Dairy, specializing in liquid food products, emphasize the critical role of OU Kosher certification in their operation, underscoring the certification’s importance in ensuring product quality and compliance with, “Our facilities are designed to meet the stringent requirements of OU Kosher certification.” 

A Competitive Edge in the Food Industry 

Through these examples, the OU Kosher certification emerges as a critical component in the competitive landscape of the food industry. Its presence not only assures compliance with dietary laws but also serves as a beacon of quality, safety, and trust for a global audience. For companies holding OU certification, leveraging this symbol significantly enhances product visibility, consumer trust, and ultimately, market success, offering a unique advantage in attracting a diverse consumer base.  

Gary Magder