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OU Kosher Presents Consumer Hotline FAQ’s for Sukkot

OU Kosher presents frequently asked questions to-date on the OU Kosher Hotline (212-613-8241) by consumers in preparation for Sukkot. Questions may also be submitted to Are there any rules as to where a sukkah may or may not be located? The sukkah should not be located in an area that has a bad smell.1 It cannot be […]

Pas Yisroel List – 5779

The Tur (Orach Chaim, Siman 603), based upon the Talmud Yerushalmi, cites the custom for Jews to be stringent during the Aseres Yimei Teshuva to eat exclusively ‘Pas Yisroel’ bread. Even those Jews who generally do not exclusively eat ‘Pas Yisroel’ are encouraged to accept this practice during the period between Rosh Ha-Shanah and Yom […]

MDS Trip to the OU

Attending a Yeshiva in Manhattan certainly has its pluses. This Wednesday, our 8B class took a fascinating trip to the center of the Kashrut world, the OU. There we learned all that it takes to make sure that what we are eating is kosher. It is really astonishing how many ingredients and sub-ingredients there are […]

The Trends Fueling Kosher Certification

Jewish Life Returns To Poland: ASK OU Is Ready

Standing on the site of the Warsaw Ghetto, it’s hard to believe that this very place where Jews fought to their deaths to preserve Jewish life, has now become the epicenter of a Jewish renaissance in Poland. But what is now even more astonishing is that some of its very leaders were often ignorant of their Jewish […]

Campers Receive A Hands-On Lesson In The Tradition Of Kosher Slaughter

LAKEWOOD, Pa. — In the woods here on Tuesday, campers stood in a line holding quails, feeling their warm bodies and beating hearts in their hands. “Guys, do not bond with your birds,” Hillie Ackerman, 16, a camper from Brooklyn, warned his friends. The birds were about to be slaughtered. One by one, the boys […]

Summer’s here! OU Kosher answers your questions on park BBQ grills, keeping kosher on a cruise and more…

 OU Kosher presents questions frequently asked  by consumers on the OU Kosher Hotline (212-613-8241) for the summer. Questions may also be submitted to or chat with us by clicking on the chat bubble on the right bottom of the screen.       * * * 1.    Q: Is it possible to cook on a BBQ that was […]

OU KOSHER Comes To Your Rescue During Pre-Passover Busy Season

Some Tips to Ease Your Passover Preparations “Come on in”, says a voice behind two large computer screens. The rabbi, whose velvety yarmulke and raised eyebrows are barely visible beneath ancient and contemporary books stacked as high as the Pyramid of Giza, is now in the middle of busy season – answering consumer questions for […]

OU KOSHER Brings Two Pre-Pesach Unique Shiurim To Lakewood, Monday, April 18 At Noon

            As Pesach approaches, OU Kosher will bring its Harry H. Beren ASK OU Outreach program to Lakewood for two special shiurim to be held Monday, April 18. Its primary audience is Bnei HaYeshivos, yeshiva students, during Bein HaZemanim, their Pesach vacation. It will be held at Congregation Lev Avos, […]