Consumer News

OU Kosher Welcomes Minute Maid® and Simply Beverages™

OU Kosher Proudly Welcomes Juices and Juice Drinks from Minute Maid® and Simply Beverages OU Kosher, the world’s largest kosher certifier, is pleased to announce the new certification of Minute Maid® Orange Juices and Simply Beverages. Both iconic brands, Minute Maid is known for its superlative range of juices and juice drinks and Simply is […]

OU KOSHER Certified Saratoga Spring Water Chosen For Presidential Inauguration

The Saratoga Spring Water Company has been bottling spring water products on the same site in upstate New York since 1872. In those 140-plus years many honors have been bestowed upon this historic brand, not the least of which was announced last summer when Senator Charles Schumer chose the company’s iconic cobalt blue glass bottles […]

It’s A Small World: Webcast Shiur Appreciated By Kollel Audience In Australia

Rav Yisroel Belsky, OU Kosher halachic posek, is an extremely soft-spoken man, but through the wonders of modern communications, his voice and image carried 10,300 miles as he conducted the first of a series of five monthly lectures on Skype from the experts at OU Kashrus in New York to the students at the Kollel […]

AVA to Benefit Clients with Kosher, Vegetarian Products

OU, AMERICAN VEGETARIAN ASSOCIATION, ANNOUNCE PARTNERSHIP TO BENEFIT CLIENTS WHO PRODUCE BOTH KOSHER AND VEGETARIAN PRODUCTS OU Kosher and the American Vegetarian Association (AVA) are pleased to announce that they have recently partnered to more easily provide their clients who produce both kosher and vegetarian products with the opportunity to obtain OU Kosher and AVA […]

Coming To A Kollel Down Under: OU KOSHER To Present Series, Via Skype, For Kollel Beth HaTalmud

Live from New York: COMING TO A KOLLEL DOWN UNDER: OU KOSHER TO PRESENT SERIES, VIA SKYPE, FOR KOLLEL BETH HaTALMUD IN MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA, BEGINNING NOVEMBER 29 Talk about long-distance learning. OU Kosher’s Harry H. Beren ASK OU Outreach program will present a series of shiurim on Skype for the Kollel Beth HaTalmud in Melbourne, […]

OU KOSHER Thanks Oasis Foods

OU KOSHER THANKS OASIS FOODS FOR ITS STELLAR KOSHER PROGRAM AND ITS COOPERATION IN FACILITATING KOSHER EDUCATION PROGRAMS The OU Kashrut Department paid a visit to Oasis Foods Company in Hillside, NJ to present the firm with a plaque in recognition of its excellent kosher program and its “open door” policy of welcoming ASK OU […]

Rich Vitamins Receives OU KOSHER Certification For Multivitamins And Mineral Products

Rich Vitamins, makers of alternaVites and alternaVites Kids, has received kosher certification for its multivitamin and mineral products from the Orthodox Union, the world’s largest and most respected kosher certification agency. “The Company’s goal has always been to make sure all of our products are held to the highest standards, and with OU certification, our […]

OU Adds Frequently Asked Questions To Its Popular Kosher App

The OU Kosher App, which burst on the scene prior to Passover and was downloaded more than 10,000 times by consumers preparing for the holiday, has reached its next stage of development with the addition of more than 20 FAQ’s – Frequently Asked Questions – compiled by Rabbi Benjamin Geiger, the voice of OU Kosher’s […]

OU KOSHER Publishes New Manual For The Foodservice Industry

So you’ve attended a sit-down Bar Mitzvah or wedding for 600 at a luxurious hotel, with the meal strictly kosher, and your major concern is how much to eat at the smorgasbord, so as not to spoil your appetite for dinner. That is because you know that the hotel’s kashrut is under the supervision of […]

OU Welcomes Back Rav Belsky Following Long Illness

With deep gratitude to Hashem, the Orthodox Union Kashrut Department welcomed back its halachic Posek, Rav Yisroel Belsky, who returned to OU headquarters for the first time following a long hospitalization and recuperation for his serious and at times life-threatening illness.   During Rav Belsky’s entire ordeal, OU staff was called upon to recite tehillim […]