Bridging Kosher Wishes and Market Realities: Kosher Consumers Speak

Bridging Kosher Wishes and Market Realities: OU Kosher’s Unique Consumer-Company Dialogue 

As a nonprofit community service organization, OU Kosher transcends the traditional boundaries of certification agencies, deeply ingraining itself in the daily lives of tens of thousands of kosher consumers globally. This is the story of how OU Kosher is reshaping the dialogue between those who seek and those who supply. 

Recently, OU Kosher turned to social media inviting kosher consumers to share their wish lists. The response was overwhelming, painting a vivid picture of unmet needs and untapped market potential. From this simple but powerful initiative, OU Kosher gleaned insights crucial not only to consumers but also to the industries that serve them. 

The main thrust of OU Kosher’s approach lies in its dual role. As a certification agency, it ensures the highest standards of kosher compliance. But it’s in its secondary role where OU Kosher truly differentiates itself: as a conduit of consumer voices to the industrial sphere. This unique positioning enables OU Kosher to offer something no other certification body can – a direct link to a vast and engaged consumer base. 

For companies, this presents an unprecedented opportunity. Whether it’s a new product concept or a desire to explore different product types, OU Kosher offers a platform to trial these ideas directly with their end consumers. This feedback loop is not just a value-added service; it’s a critical tool in aligning product development with market demand. 

One of OU Kosher’s key narratives is its unwavering support for companies under its certification. This support extends beyond the certifying process, delving into market insights and consumer trends. In an industry where consumer preferences can make or break a product, this support is invaluable. 

What truly sets OU Kosher apart is its ability to speak to a wide and diverse audience interested in kosher products. This audience ranges from industrial buyers seeking ingredients to everyday consumers hunting for the next product to grace their tables. OU Kosher’s direct connection to these consumers is not just a service; it’s a strategic advantage for any company seeking to navigate the complex kosher market. 

OU Kosher as a market influencer and a consumer advocate connects to companies with the kosher community’s pulse makes it an indispensable partner in the journey from product conception to consumer satisfaction. 

Let us know if you have a question for our consumers or would like to be featured in our OU Kosher publications, websites and social media.  

Here is a partial list of consumer requested products:

Boba tea
Doritos & Chitos in America
Skittles candies
Jolly Rancher sucking candies
Starburst candies
Red Hots
Kahlua liquer
Zach’s Mighty tortilla chips
Red Boat fish sauce
Arnotts Tim Tams
Count Chocula cereal
Funyuns flavors
Kerrygold Irish butter
Lucky Charms cereal
Graza olive oil
321GLO protein cookie
Kinder Bueno from Ferrero
Beach Body Shakeology
G Hughes suagr free sauce
Kraft salad dressing
Provolone cheese
Organic cheese
Kelloggs Rice Krispies
Dannon Danimal smoothies
Amy’s kitchen products
Activia yogurt
Watermelon Mountain Dew
Quest Nutrition frozen pizza
More stuff at Aldi
More cheese at Tradrer Joe’s and Costco, like Mexican cheese
Kraft Cheese + products
Yoplait yogurts
gluten free pizza dough
Nature Valley bars
Dole fruit bowls no sugar added variety pack
Natures Charm vegan condensed milk
Sweet Earth Foods vegan frozen meals
Daiya Foods pizza
Hummus Kitchen UWS
Abbots butcher vegan meats
Severino pastas
Kite Hill Foods pasta
Jack and Dannies
Yellow Bird Sauce
Kolkata Chai Co.
Forager Project
Gary Magder