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OU KOSHER Comes To SoHo, With New York City’s Newest Glatt Kosher Restaurant: “The J”

Name Has Changed but Restaurant Still Continues to Create Fun, Modern, Elegant Kosher Dining Experience                                                                                                                         There is good news for New York-area dining patrons in search of the ultimate destination, combining stunning surroundings, delectable dishes and creative cuisine: The world’s foremost authority on kosher food, the Orthodox Union, will now be responsible for […]

In Time For Passover 2013, OU KOSHER Announces New “OU Kitniyot” Certification Symbol

[lead]OU Kosher, the world leader in Passover preparation and kosher certification, today announced a new symbol of authorization for Passover products: OU Kitniyot.[/lead] [lead]The new symbol of authorization will appear on packaging with the explanatory message: OU Kitniyot: Acceptable for those who consume kitniyot on Passover.[/lead] Among the better known customs of Passover is the […]

OU KOSHER Releases New Upgraded App In Time For Passover To Search Products With Easy And Direct Access For iPhone And Android

A year after launching, the OU Kosher App, which allows consumers to search the kosher status of all OU products Kosher for Passover and year-round, has been newly designed and upgraded to include Passover FAQ’s, a new side navigation and educational articles. Since its launch, the free App has been downloaded by close to 20,000 […]

Minute Maid® & Simply Beverages Get OU KOSHER Certified

Multiple juice and juice drink varieties from Minute Maid® and Simply BeveragesTM will now carry the kosher certification in the U.S. A variety of delicious options from the popular beverage brands have received certification from the Orthodox Union (OU), the world’s largest kosher certification agency. The Minute Maid portfolio of beverages, with more than 100 […]

OU KOSHER Plans Many Pre-Passover Programs

AS PASSOVER APPROACHES, A PLETHORA OF OU KOSHER EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMS ARE SET FOR FLATBUSH, WASHINGTON HEIGHTS, BOSTON, LAKEWOOD, AND OF COURSE, MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA The weeks leading up to Passover are very busy in Jewish organizations, just as in Jewish homes, so it is no surprise that OU Kosher will present six rabbis participating in five […]

Harry H. Beren Foundation Of New Jersey Renews Its Annual Grant For OU Kashrut Education Programs

The Harry H. Beren Foundation of New Jersey has renewed its annual grant to OU Kosher to support programs of kashrut education, such as ASKOU and Visit OU. The Foundation has been sponsoring OU Kosher programs since 2006. Rabbi Yosef Grossman, Senior Educational Rabbinic Coordinator of OU Kosher, administers the Beren programs. “The president of […]

Kelp Caviar Receives OU KOSHER Certification

Kelp Caviar, a world leader in caviar substitute manufacturing, has received certification for its Kelp Caviar Vegetarian Caviar substitute from the Orthodox Union, the world’s largest and most respected kosher certification agency. “Kelp Caviar has developed nine different flavors of caviar substitutes which tastes, feels, and look exactly like the real deal,” said Naor Cohen, […]

A Weekend Of Learning About Kashrut

A WEEKEND OF LEARNING ABOUT KASHRUT COMES TO WASHINGTON HEIGHTS, AS ASKOU OUTREACH EXPANDS TO PRESENT SHIURIM ON SHABBAT AND SUNDAY, MARCH 2-3 The ASKOU OUTREACH program of OU Kosher will present its first OU Kashrut Shiurim Weekend when it visits Washington Heights on Shabbat, March 2, Parshat Ki Tisa, and Sunday, March 3. Usually […]

OU Kosher Welcomes Minute Maid® and Simply Beverages™

OU Kosher Proudly Welcomes Juices and Juice Drinks from Minute Maid® and Simply Beverages OU Kosher, the world’s largest kosher certifier, is pleased to announce the new certification of Minute Maid® Orange Juices and Simply Beverages. Both iconic brands, Minute Maid is known for its superlative range of juices and juice drinks and Simply is […]

OU KOSHER Certified Saratoga Spring Water Chosen For Presidential Inauguration

The Saratoga Spring Water Company has been bottling spring water products on the same site in upstate New York since 1872. In those 140-plus years many honors have been bestowed upon this historic brand, not the least of which was announced last summer when Senator Charles Schumer chose the company’s iconic cobalt blue glass bottles […]